Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Power Of Prayer For Healing

By Lisa Stewart

Dedicating your life to God is one of the best things you can do in your time, giving him that extra hour of the day or just having your time and prayer place is sufficient and healthy and that's how we connect with God and he answers our prayers. He provides our every need so even when we feel like we don't have enough money or food or anything our hearts desire, nhe provides our every need. Having faith and prayer for healing really helps.

He strengthens our spirits and enriches our minds and you will be able to feel the spiritual world and what it helps us with. As a person it is important in our daily lives to be at our most calm and peace of mind. Stress and worries as well as negative things happening around, it all plays a big role in failure and making decisions become very hard.

Prayer is so powerful and in many instances we admitted in hospitals and researchers have founds that sometimes doctors aren't able to find a cause of illness no matter how many tests are run which is very supernatural. Family will bring their leader in faith and pray over the individual and surprisingly the pain is gone and the person is healed completely.

The human brain also plays a big role in healing with prayer due to the fact that the brain is a very powerful thing. Once we have faith it helps us to believe and be strong also have will power not only to give up the negative but also to be positive in every situation possible.

Physical and mental health has a lot to do with how we choose to pray and how God can bring us closer in many situations and also how being broken become whole again by the power and faith we have within us. Mental state controls everything we do and to accomplish what we set out to do praying benefit us in so many ways for example keeps a person organised and the mind calm and free and very focused to be able to conquer the tasks we need to assure. Also decisions become easier when having the right mind set.

Distance is also not a problem because praying for someone that is half way across the world God hears us. Traditional medicines and objects that are prayed over have also had effect in many peoples lives.

Bringing someone else and teaching them about praying and being positive, it has helps us to be a good person and set a good example and a help people have a new vision on their future and when they wanna be in life.

We all have gifts in life and in a spiritual life sometimes God can give you the true prayer power to be able to heal someone. Basically he will work through you and physically hill people. Its about taking the time to get on our hands and knees and having answered prayers.

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