Friday, May 25, 2018

Trying To Understand God And Your Own Spirituality

By Jarold Harlik

Are you asking yourself where God wants you to be in life? It's important for you to understand that God wants you to be in a place in life in which you feel like He is calling you to a specific ministry or path in life. I always ask God each day to take me into another realm.

Every faith uses spirit balls in one form or another. Some healers believe that if you put your hand on someone and pray for them, you can inject some sort of a spiritual energy inside of them to make them to cause a healing to take place. Many psychics use this practice in their healing work with their clients.

The Christian evangelist and minister Benny Hinn has been using spirit balls since the start of his ministry. He will often stand up on stage and say, "Take the anointing. Take it again!" He will lift his hand and throw his hand down as though he is throwing air at someone. He says that this is the anointing of the Holy Spirit. If you watch him in action, you will see people falling on stage as he just lifts his hands and says, "Take the anointing". People will fall and sometimes even faint, pass out and claim to feel something of healing. Healing energy comes to us when another person or God gives us a healing that we cannot forget. These energy balls hit us like a brick. Some people believe in energy balls and others do not. Predictions from a psychic or a prophet can come across as energy balls because they are creating a belief or a thought in the form of energy. If a psychic tells you that you are going to meet a new man or woman, people will often believe this. It may be true, or it may not be true. However, the energy that is created is formed and thrown at you. It is hard to say if this is a true energy or a fake one. Either way, energy is stored and created.

Over the years, I managed to build a secure relationship with God. I knew that the Lord was trying to communicate his prescience to me. When I asked the Holy Spirit to come into my life, I knew that I was getting a teacher that understood God the father and how I could learn more about Him. I also learned that Jesus Christ is the only person that can protect me from enemy spirits. Demons hate the name Jesus and do not want to give God any glory at all.

Sometimes we need to visualize what we want in life to allow our inner energies go forward. We sometimes must ask ourselves what life is offering us to learn what life is going to be in the future. Life can have many blessings in it. When we learn more about life, we learn more about life in a whole new realm. You can always believe in what you want in life. It will always give you a blessing. No matter how hard life gets for you, there will always be some sort of an answer waiting for you at the other end of the tunnel. Let God lead you in all ways and you will find that God's blessings are always a part of our life.

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When God Tells You To Do Something

By Dena Jazmina

Our spirituality matters a whole lot to God and a lot to people that are around us. When you are in good spirits and praying, God is always there to pick you up. I hate to see people sad. Many people will turn to drugs and alcohol when it comes to healing their inner pain. I choose to pray and meditate. As a psychic, I must spend long hours in prayer each day. I must do this to renew my strength and my compatibility to what I know to be true in my life.

We cannot be on earth without God. I have learned that God gives us so many chances to do right. He expects us to live a righteous life. Can you believe that God has a plan and a purpose for each one of us? It is amazing that out of all the millions of people on the planet, God has a word for you and a plan that will change your life.

When I asked Jesus into my life, everything changed for me. I am amazed at how much God gives me his Holy Spirit. When I pray, I feel God. I do not even have to question God in anyway. God is always trying to give me new meaning in my life.

God has always been good to me. When I pray, I feel God answering me. When I don't pray and read the Bible, I feel like something is missing in my life. I like to feel connected to God and to the Holy Spirit. It tells me that God is alive in my life and that he is always directing me in some path. I think that life can be full of challenges. It can be completely different for people of all ages.

I know that many people in today's world feel used and unwanted. It is because of the poor economy and the way that the devil is attacking planet earth. However, God has a big plan for you that makes you wonder why God is here and trying to correct what we are doing wrong. I have known that God was bigger than anything that I was ever taught when I looked up at the skies and realized that God oversaw it all. I can only understand what others have passed down to me from previous generations. God knows my body, soul and mind. He knows when I become a new person. He knows how to make things work in my life. Listen to God's voice and He will lead you. It's always a blessing to hear from God. That is the biggest blessing about following God's voice.

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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Some Facts About Failure To Launch Syndrome

By Diane Schmidt

Many young people today grapple with attaining financial independence. They end up seeking shelter from their parents to sustain themselves even in adulthood. This is a phenomenon known as failure to launch syndrome. One of the common reasons for its occurrence is poor upbringing by parents whose intentions initially mean well but the outcome turns out the opposite.

Ironically, the syndrome happens to be rampant among individuals who have been born in very stable backgrounds. However, when one looks further into how their parents were brought up, something totally different comes up. In most cases, parents who have grown under difficult circumstances tend to work harder to provide a better life for their children in future. They want their children to have the life they never had growing up.

While the new-age children in well to do families may never know what it means to struggle for survival, parents should make it their responsibility to make their children realize that not everyone is born with a silver spoon in their mouth. They should make their children know about the struggles they had to go through to reach the point of success. This can be used as motivation to young adults to make them put an effort into launching their own successful mission in life.

Moreover, persons brought up in a successful home face the extreme pressure of having to keep up with the standards already set. Pressure may come from external forces or from within. While parents may not necessarily put pressure their children, the latter may just have the inner feeling to live up to the set standards on their own.

The world is the sole contributor to this syndrome because of the intense pressures it subjects young adults to today. From your parents wanting you to to live up to their dreams to your peers bragging about how appealing their own professions are, the pressure becomes unbearable for many. It is this kind of pressure that drives individuals to chase dreams they do not own, hitting a wall in the process.

The choice of friends is key in overcoming the inability to launch. Surrounding yourself with people who understand and support your dream is one of the ways to succeed. True friends should be able to point your shortcomings in a loving manner. On the other hand, wasting away in drinking sprees only works negatively for an individual in the long run.

As a result of failing to launch, adults are forced to feed off their parents instead of the reverse. There is nothing as demeaning as living under the roof of your parents as an adult and being provided for everything as though you are still a toddler. This does lower your esteem and the road to stability may become even steeper. Victims tend to move from one academic course to another in a bid to find something fulfilling.

The importance of making your own decisions career-wise cannot be overemphasized. This does not mean that one should totally disregard the counsel of elders. In fact, young individuals can invest in role models to guide them as they struggle to achieve something for themselves and their future generations.

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The Impeccable Features Making A Quality Motivational Speaker Washington

By Amanda Wood

It is common nowadays to have someone come speak to a group of people to pass a particular message. This is mostly done when the group to be spoken to has a common feature or need. The person selected to be the speaker ought to have outstanding characteristics to be able to put across the message successfully. The following qualities should be looked for in a motivational speaker Washington.

A good speaker must be fluent. They must be able to communicate properly such that the audience does not strain to hear and understand. They need to ensure that they prepare their speech or talk in advance. This ensures that they do not get stuck in the middle trying to figure out what to say next. Proper preparation goes a long way in facilitating fluency and flow when on stage.

The choice of a professional should be based on the need of the listeners. An audience of little kids requires a different person as the case of married people will be. Therefore, ensure you get the appropriate person to attend the event and give the significant talk expected. This will ensure the day is not wasted and the desired effect.

The speaker ought to have adequate knowledge on the several topics they will discuss. Since it is clear what people they are going to talk to, it is necessary to be informed. Researching the same is advisable since it will give one the necessary courage and details to give to the listener. They must craft the words correctly to have the greatest impact expected.

Your personality plays a great role in ensuring that your message gets home. You must be friendly to entice the audience to join the conversation. Creating a light mood is a great idea as it ensures that you do not lose part of your audience in the middle of the session due to monotony. Ask questions and leave them to answer or think about them critically. This triggers their attention.

Most of these talks are held in totally different places like schools, churches, theatres and many others. This implies that the speaker must be readily available and flexible. Their schedule ought to be one that gives room for frequent travels. They must also be able to select the most appropriate dress code depending on the venue and audience to be attended to.

Creativity is key in this business. One may be forced to frequently come up with fictional stories that will assist them to pass their message successfully. They must be able to create images in their head and quickly translate them into words that the crowd can comprehend. This can be made possible by reading a lot of books or watching lots of inspirational movies as it triggers the brain and gives plenty of ideas.

Last but not least, referral materials are necessary. You must be able to recommend your audience places where they can refer to for more details as there is never enough time to tackle all matters at hand and answer all questions that they might have. You can even go a further step and give your contacts for further inquiries.

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Stress-free Holidays At Healing Workshops

By Elizabeth Watson

There are many people who enjoy attending festivals. The large amounts of people, the music, the experience and the learnings all count toward their reasoning. One of the more popular events to attend are the de-stress events of healing workshops.

Before attending one of the events, you need to make sure that you know exactly why you are attending. There is no point in not knowing much about the event and coming back even more disappointed. If your objective is to learn something new then stick to it and see to it that you aim to reach that goal when you stay at the event.

If you are looking for a new and different experience for team building at work, you may want to consider this option. Keep in mind that traveling to events don t come at a cheap cost. You need to pay for every small necessity, every pleasure as well as flights and what you consume. If your boss agrees to this, the cost would be on the company. Otherwise, you may want to ask a few friends to join so that you can split the bill.

Make sure that you have all the details before you make a plan to be at the event. Sometimes, programme organizers don t provide the right details or sometimes, it can be misleading. You could be attending an event to see or experience a certain task and then when you stay at the place, you get the total opposite.

At events that are specific to trade, you will be surrounded by people who are just like you. They have the same interest and probably similar personalities in certain ways. This is a great way to make new friends. It will be easy since you would already have something to speak about. You may even run into a few famous people.

As there is a large programme, especially if the event runs over more than one or two days, you are likely to be surrounded by many seminars and shows. This could be a learning opportunity for you. Perhaps your aim was to attend to learn a few new moves on how to destress easier. There may also be a few flea markets where you can view products that help in this process. These are also sold by people from around the world and not only what you see locally.

The one thing that many people lack is being supportive for local businesses. It is good to keep in mind that smaller businesses are the drivers of the economy and it is the world s best interest that they have the support they need. If you do not feel one for charity, perhaps showing support could be your good deed for the year.

These points are a few of many reasons as to why you should make an effort to explore these events and broaden your horizons. It is a chance to break out of your comfort zone and be bolder in the hobbies that you are interested in.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Reasons Why Emotional Intelligence Training Certification Is Important

By Stephanie Phillips

The term emotional intelligence may not be familiar but it surely an important part of career nowadays. In simple terms, passionate intelligence is the ability of a person to perceive, understand and control their emotions. Many employers tend to test the passionate intellect of their employees before hiring them. This can be seen as a form of emotional intelligence training certification.

Emotional intellect is made up of five key components. The first is empathy, which is described as the ability to understand the motivations and emotions of other people which is a huge promotion to team building. Self- regulation is the ability to control ones emotions and keep them in check. It helps one not to bring their personal emotions to the place of work.

Apart from self-regulation, you also need self-awareness. This means that you should be in a position to know the different emotions you may have and how likely they are to affect the people around you. This allows you to keep them in check. You will have social skills which allow you to interact with all types of people smoothly. Lastly, there is internal motivation. This is the ability of a person to work without a promise of being rewarded.

The high passionate quotient is one of the things that can further the career of a person. It is a major player in the hiring, firing, and promotion of employees in a company. Statistics show that many companies test for passionate quotients and often pick it over intelligence quotient. Most employees with high EQ also have high IQ and tend to be very successful.

Internal motivation is one of the most admirable traits in an employee. They not only do their work on time but also very efficient. They are able to set their targets and push themselves into achieving them. Some employees tend to procrastinate and do the work last minute and it does not come out as well as those who took their time.

Mental stability is key in every work place. People who are emotionally intelligent are able are able to understand people especially emotionally. So cases of petty fights between colleagues will be unheard of. They also have a positive outlook on life meaning they choose to see the good side of everything. His makes even their work easier.

It affects the physical health of a person too. Although it is yet to be scientifically proven, it has its impacts. When you are mentally stable then it translates to physical fitness. This is because a happy and positive person makes good lifestyle choices like eating healthier and getting enough sleep. Emotional intellect helps in understanding oneself which leads to mental stability.

At the end of the day, passionate intellect is useful in both our careers and social lives. There is training for being emotionally intelligent in which there is a certification at the end of the course. It is important to have passionate intellect in order to not only have a successful14 career but to live a long and healthy life.

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Benefits Of Addicts Joining Alcohol And Drug Classes Grand Rapids

By Mark Fox

To begin with, there are many people who suffer from drug addiction and would love to live a normal free life. Many centers offer treatment classes where a person can go and seek help when things get out of hand. However, it is not an easy process as every drug addict believes they do not require any help in any situation. Attending this class might be helpful and below are benefits of addicts joining alcohol and drug classes Grand Rapids.

Your first benefit is the classes are safe for recovering addicts to attend. The environment is stable, and there is no alcohol available at the spot where people can access. In most cases, newly recovering devotees are delicate at this stage and may have a relapse at any moment. Joining the classes helps them to recover since the setting is steady and there are no temptations arising as a result of drug presence.

Another benefit is that the process is being conducted by counselors who are well known and equipped with drugs education. They help most addicts get past their addiction habits and assist them in improving their lives. They have handled several challenges which make them the best to offer guidance to the recovering patients.

Another benefit of joining the class is a person will have a daily routine to follow. This allows them to attend group therapies or individuals and they can convey some of their issues. In most cases, the curriculum also entails nutrition where they are taught about good eating habits. They also do workouts which help them become fit. Through the regular activities, their minds turn out to be engaged and it becomes part of their daily deeds.

Treatment facilities that offer these classes are full of recovering patients that have addictions to several drugs. It is beneficial when a person attends mainly because of the peer support, and they will not feel stigmatized. They can easily share their stories, give advice to one another. Through the needed peer support, one can recover at this stage as they are all facing a similar problem which is an addiction.

Another good thing about the facility is that they have zero tolerance to all attendees. This is a policy that means no one is allowed to bring drugs or alcohol into the facilities or the classroom. Most centers will ask a person to leave if they are found in possession of alcohol or drugs. The victim must not be tempted while attending the class that is why most facilities enforce this rule strictly.

The benefit of joining the class is that one receives learning once there. Studying about addiction, relapse, and how to overcome it is a good way of gathering information. Being well informed helps them realize they can live a normal life without drugs and alcohol. They are also taught on proper tools and how they can use them which assist them in healing.

Lastly, privacy is key in any recovery process. Some patients like their journey to be as private as possible unless they decide to share their story. Going and attending private classes gives them a peace of mind as they feel relaxed.

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