Friday, September 5, 2014

Does Racism In Sports Media Still Exist

By Mattie MacDonald

There are many different kinds of people in this world. Though we are the same human beings having the same physical features, distinction arises either from the language people speak or from the colour of their skin. These differences are what that brings about the issue of races. For one reason or another, there are those who think that they are better than others just by how they look. This runs all the way and hence spreading racism in sports media.

In most cases, the main aim of media is bringing people from all corners of life together. This is due to the fact that through the televisions, radio and even newspapers, humanity can be able to relate to the same happenings in the world and express their views and learn on how other people think. Nevertheless, this world is full of racist and in sport; this becomes a platform where hate is very pronounced.

Sport is discussed on a daily basis in the various internet sites. People talk about the games as they happen and they are free to express their views in whatever way that they feel best fits. Racial discrimination becomes a matter of concern as people talk trash about the players, abusing them due to their pigmentation or ethnical background which can be very demoralizing.

During the big games, players from different countries are engaged to participate. There are other times when language becomes a barrier as the players are of a different language and are not equipped with translators to commentate on these games for them. This has been an issue for only certain languages which draws back the problem to discrimination.

Sports coverage of the black players is another issue of concern. There is a very large population of white media that covers the major professional sports and also a high number of black players in these games. Report that usually comes out is that one that refers to these black players as natural athletes who do not have to work as hard as their other team mates in order to get results. This is just trash talk and it is not healthy for games.

To shed some light to the situation the world is opening up the eyes and seeing that all people are the same regardless of where they originate from. Those in the media are working hard to fight this kind of negative ethnicity in sports which has helped lower the rate of hatred though ugh not all. However, compared to the earlier years, a lot of progress has been made.

Another example of this kind of evil is how these journalists handle scandals. Just because a certain athlete is of a particular origin and has made it to the very top achievers list, some are not at ease with this; they therefore wait with anticipation for the very little bit of downfall of the person and make sure that their name is tarnished among their fans and this can really affect the career of the involved party.

Racism runs very deep in sport media. In a bid to solve the issue of negative ethnicity, it is a wise step to balance the media crew in terms of race. This avoids domination of a particular race which triggers hate. When they are all balanced, it will be much harder for them to put across negative statements about others.

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