Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tips On Main White Privilege Sports

By Jody Leach

There are specific sports where white athletes have frequently monopolized and aggrandized. These athletes seem to obtain many more medals in these white privilege sports, much more frequently than non-Caucasians. This is because of their natural capabilities in those activities, not due to discrimination.

Light-skinned athletes have always been reigning champions in weight lifting. The strength and skills of these athletes to hold up dead weights is truly fascinating, almost amazing enough to be considered as phenomenal. Many of the world's "strongest man" competitions have been overshadowed by white athletes. Recently, Zydrunas Savickas has become victorious.

Sport hunting is also a Caucasian-dominated activity. Light-skinned athletes are highly capable of accurately shooting at long distances, and not many others can defeat them. Southern states where gun ownership is highly prevalent hold frequent shooting competitions and hunting seasons, where Caucasian residents get a lot of practice in. They can shoot with true accuracy, and enjoy the wins.

Though a leisure sport, competitive bowling is also dominated by light-skinned athletes. It does take a bit of skill to perfectly hit all the pins in one try. Bowling is often enjoyed as casual activities by Caucasians, and this is evident as over 70 percent of all bowling leagues are dominated by them. Visit any Wednesday league or bowling event in your area, and you'll see just how competitive these athletes can be.

It seems that ice hockey is almost completely full of light-skinned athletes. It is a tough and rigorous sport that you don't often see non-Caucasian athletes playing. Light-skinned athletes excel at all the skills that are required to endure a full game of hockey. They must stay concentrated as they seek to move the miniscule puck towards a very small goal.

Finding its way to other people is extreme sports. Yankee jumping and all those other life threatening games are known to be the tool for living life to the fullest from whites. The current extreme sports are not enough as new ones are being created each day. There is fun in living to the fullest even if it means a short life span.

NASCAR is completely dominated by Caucasians. In fact, it's extremely rare that you see any non-Caucasian athlete or even commentator for these races. Like extreme sports, the rush of 50 cars rushing at over 200 mph across a track filled with sharp corners is quite appealing to light-skinned athletes. NASCAR races can be life-threatening as well, a factor these athletes dare to stand up against.

Golf requires intense precision and training. Though often considered a leisure sport, athletes have to constantly improve their technique. Golf competitions and leagues are often filled with light-skinned athletes who have spent years training in the sport, and it's rare that non-Caucasian athletes find victory in them.

Beer drinking competitions are actually quite competitive. Caucasians have one of the top appreciations for this beverage, and thus have excelled in these types of competitions. This allows them to truly remain victorious in the sport. Caucasian-dominated sports are one of the most beloved activities in the world, and you can understand this notion due to the high admiration and dedication white athletes have to them.

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