Monday, September 22, 2014

Types Of Memorial Keepsakes And Giveaways To Opt For

By Karina Frost

Giving honor to the individual who had passed away is a responsibility that the family members left behind should shoulder. This is the time where memorial keepsakes and giveaways are needed. If you are thinking of honoring the memories of the deceased, then here are some great examples of giveaways that must be taken into account.

Favorite candy bar. There are people who got a sweet tooth. Since this is the case, you can take into account the deceased person's favorite candy bar. You may then use that as a giveaway during the funeral service. The candy bar will definitely reflect a lot on the personality of the one who had just passed away.

You may also use pocket charms. Nowadays, there is a wide variety of amazing pocket charms that people can use nowadays as a giveaway for when someone dies. The pocket charm can be an a little trinket, with shapes of angels or hearts. They can then be placed in high quality pockets. Small printed cards can be included there too.

You can opt for time seedlings. This means that you will have to give out tree seedlings to the attendees. You can ask them to plant these tree seedlings in memory of the person who just died. The bereaved family members will definitely appreciate it when they know that the memory of the deceased lived on.

Wear photos. You can pass out mini photos of the one who passed away. The said mini photos can then be worn during the said funeral service. This giveaway is definitely a good idea, especially if you have a creative individual in the family. You can encourage this creative individual to use his or her imagination for the said work.

River stones can be another way for you to honor the deceased individual's last moments. In the river stones, you can simply ask the attendees to write short notes about the deceased individuals. The short notes that the attendees write can be their expression of love, cherished money, or grief for the funeral service.

Sharing memories. It is possible to share memories, especially during an open mic. You can have an open mic time for the family members and friends to share the favorite memories they have shared with the one who passed away. Even a little nugget of time spent with that person is very valuable.

Special memory cards. There are various memory cards that you may take advantage of nowadays. In fact, you got the option of creating your own or buying sets in the market. The complete package of a memory card include a storage pouch, cards for where you will write the special memory shared with the one who passed away, and pens.

You can use the cairns too. In the past, outdoor types of individuals will always pile up rocks in destinations to mark out a location. This will serve as a landmark for them. You can also use this cairns to mark out where you have scattered the remains of the deceased. Anyone who wishes to revisit the deceased's remains can easily do so then.

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