Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Operational Wings In Miamisburg Christian Church

By Patty Goff

Just like the Bible recommends, Christians are advised to attend fellowships to renew their faith in God. When the activities of the fellowship are based on God's word, everybody is edified and prepared for Heaven. Residents of Miamisburg and its environs are encouraged to attend the Miamisburg Christian church where God can be practically felt. Apart from having a visionary as a pastor, they also have small groups for effective organization. These groups include the drama, choir, Bible study, welfare, follow up and evangelism.

If you want to sing for The Lord but have never handled a microphone for the first time, the choir can help you fulfill your dreams. Even if you have not played an instrument before, there are lots of professionals there who can help you learn. The combined efforts of the singers and instrumentalists make every worship time a unique experience.

The drama wing of the church is inspiring. It is used to demonstrate God's messages so that the congregation can have better understanding. Everyone in the drama is prayerful because they are aware that the devil can capitalize on the bad roles they play to harm them. The drama wing is an instrument for changing lives.

The members benefit a lot from the efforts of those in the prayer department. This department is like the engine of the church where things that seem impossible are bound to happen. It is the reason for the frequent testimonies that come up on fellowship meetings.

The evangelism wing does a great job by organizing crusades and meeting people to give their lives to God. When such people are converted, they are drawn to the fellowship where they begin a whole new life in Christ. This increases the number of people in the congregation as well as those who will be qualified to make Heaven.

The follow up team works together with the evangelism group. The evangelism group informs the follow up unit about the people they meet during their outreaches so that they can plan strategies on how to make them fully committed to Christ and the fellowship. By so doing, they obey Christ's injunction to cater for the young sheep.

Members who are in need of money or other physical needs can boldly walk to the welfare team to make their requests. Needs such as money for payment of children's school fees can be quickly met by the group. Since this unit tends to know more of the people in the congregation, they also forward their special requests to the prayer wing.

God speaks to His people through the Bible. Hence, there is need to meditate on it both individually and collectively. This is why the church has a Bible study unit that is responsible for teaching God's mind to the people. They assist the pastor in achieving the aim of making the congregation grow in His knowledge. The group prepares the Bible study and follow up manuals for the different age brackets in the fellowship.

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