Friday, February 27, 2015

The Magic Of Startup Investors

By Earlene McGee

There is no easy way to realize your business concepts. You can scribble it on paper and shape up everything that is inside your creative entrepreneurial mind. But acting the whole thing is another thing. You will need people to help you out because no one can ever do this alone.

You have to save up money, time, energy, and guts in order to make your plans unfold right before your eyes. With this, you will need startup investors who will share the magic with you as you. List down your prospects which may include family members, relatives, friends, and even people you have never met before.

It is safe to say that family and friends can be the perfect business angels to help you out because they know who you are and what your capabilities are from the inside out. They can be approached easily and you can discuss anything with them without hesitation. You can also trust them with all your heart your ideas and concepts, finances, and even your whole life.

However, there are still drawbacks in seeking salvation from your closest friends and relatives. If you never had any argument before, starting a business and maintaining it could be the reason for your arguments. This will compromise your relationship as you may become blinded by your individual desires. It is quite hard not to cross the line between professional and personal aspects.

Experts say that out of ten business startups, only one usually succeeds. That estimation has already been proven and you have to keep that in mind. Also make sure that they are aware of this fact and come to an agreement.

If you are now having second thoughts about involving your family and friends in your plans, then you can take the harder way. This is to get an investor that has been a successful entrepreneur who could also be a total stranger to you. Again, you are back to the trust issues.

It is not easy to communicate with this individual. That is why you need to have all the necessary resources to make him understand fully what you are trying to propose to him. Show him your purpose and make sure that you enumerate the benefits he will get from this. Know that he will always be looking after his part in the bargain.

Do not give up if your first choice does not accept your invitation. He may know other individuals who can help you out. If the second choice is not willing, go to the third, then to the fourth, and so on. Improve your ideas and your approach from one prospect to another and once you get a yes, assure him that he will not be disappointed with his decision.

There is always a reason for you to move on despite rejections. Do not fret if what you asked for does not happen as soon as possible. Do not compare startups with your gadgets that perform tasks with a few clicks and touch in an instant. Prepare yourself for both the best and the worst that are yet to come.

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