Thursday, March 26, 2015

Learn The Various Ways That Facilitate Finding Happiness Through Gratitude

By Lelia Hall

It is true to say that you money and wealth cannot find you joy or keep you happy for the rest of your life. However, many people assume that they would be happy in life once they get the best properties, drive the most luxurious cars and live in classy homes or even associate with the famous people. However, you should know that having a grateful heart is the only best way to live a happy life. You should therefore, develop an attitude of finding happiness through gratitude.

Many people do not know that the word gratitude means being grateful, thankful or full of appreciation. If you are not thankful for what you have and what you do not have, you will find life frustrating and against all your wishes. You should not take time mourning over the much that you do not have when you could take time to be thankful for the little that you already have.

Lifestyle changes are causing stress to many people. Research has shown that if people appreciate the little that life offers and not focus on the much they do not have, stress related conditions would reduce. Philosophers have said that the joy in life comes from looking at the little one owns and finding courage to be happy with it. The small pleasures in life are believed to generate most joy.

The best way to develop this attitude is by assuming that everything that you are and you have is not out of your own merits and hard work. It is rather a miracle that has happened to you and you should remain grateful about it and in an exceptional way. Scientific research shows that most of the people who live for many years are those who had thankful attitudes since they always appreciated whatever they had and never became anxious of what they missed.

Many people however, do not the different ways that express thankfulness or gratefulness. To begin with, you should always appreciate or thank people who love you, challenge you, work with you and serve you. Above all these, you should appreciate yourself just the way you are since this is where the development of a grateful attitude begins. If you struggle in being happy about yourself, you will find it hard to be happy with others.

Another thing that could affect your joy in life is the body features. If you do not appreciate your looks, you might end up being depressed. For this reason, you need to accept what you are and also where you come from. In fact, many people end up regretting about their background and even take their lives.

Once you learn to appreciate yourself, you will not struggle appreciating others. Do not keep grudges with those who wrong you, but instead thank them for awakening your understanding concerning what you can do. When they remind you what you cannot do, thank them for making it possible for to prove them wrong.

Medical practitioners have identified unhappiness as a major root cause of lifestyle related illness. Developing an attitude of gratefulness helps individuals improve their health conditions. By being ungrateful one risks developing heart conditions which may result into a chain of other related illnesses.

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