Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Locating A Theatre Camp Phoenix For Troubled Youth

By Toni Vang

When looking for a great Summer program for troubled youth, parents may want to consider a specialized camp. There are often ones offered in art, history, performing arts and science all over the world. One of the most well known of these camps is that of Herberger which offers a theatre camp Phoenix. While there are others, this particular camp offers children from dysfunctional homes, group and foster homes, homeless youth and those undergoing medical or psychological treatment the ability to attend free of charge.

When desiring to send a child to camp and living outside the Phoenix area, it is often good to do an online search to locate similar opportunities closer to home. While some children excel in the performing arts, others are more focused on subjects like science and history. As such, it is often best to discuss which type of camp a child might be interested in before finalizing any plans or completing the application and registration process.

In some programs, children from foster homes, group homes and shelters create and share in various lectures and workshops. Camps offered through non-profits often operate on a two week basis. Whereas, there are others which often run six weeks or more. As these programs are also rather intensive, there is generally on-site counseling available for those experiencing emotional issues during the course of the program.

Most often these camps focus on acting for stage though some also provide coursework related to acting for film. For, while one used to have to live in or near Hollywood, California, a variety of acting opportunities can now often be found in many different areas. In fact, information on auditions can now often be found under the talent section of craigslist dot com, local newspapers, performing arts magazines and through other online websites associated with the industry

One program which is aimed at assisting children from dysfunctional homes is that of the Herberger program near Phoenix, AZ which offers the ability for some troubled youth to attend a two week Summer camp free of charge. While more traditional camps often run six weeks, these two week camp often works best for children with emotional issues who have a problem with the longer attention span required for these longer camps.

Programs like Herberger and others offer an ongoing spirit of collaboration with other non-profits in the area. As such, there are many different opportunities available for attendees, instructors and volunteers. Whether attending, instructing or volunteering, there are places and positions for a number of people in these organizations and programs.

Some individuals can take rejections personally when lacking this knowledge. Something that can be quite hard for children whom have, or, are currently dealing with rejection in other areas. As such, most often these Summer programs try and find a place for every child in the final productions.

Whether preparing to act as part of a camp program or auditioning for a major production, children having attended these programs often have an edge whether working as children or adults. Not only because of having a past background and performance history at an early age but also because of the general knowledge which has also been gained through these performing arts oriented programs.

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