Friday, April 17, 2015

Pressure Washing Is Environmentally Friendly

By Stella Gay

The world is a fairly dirty place. Your commercial building will get dirty just because the wind blows debris around. The rain will mix with this dust, other soils and even allergens to create a mass that can stick on anything. The front of your house, your building and the sidewalks. It will cloud the glass in your windows and make a mess in the entry way of your office building. The best way to get all of this cleaned up is to hire a company that does the pressure washing you may have heard about.

The way this type of cleaning operates is pressurized water, propelled through an appropriate nozzle, directed at the proper location, by trained personnel who do this every day. There are no chemicals used in this process and, therefore, is environmentally friendly in all applications. The vast majority of the material this process is used to remove does not come off with standard methods of cleaning.

The firms, operating in Holly Springs NC, use machines to generate the pressures needed for this cleaning. These machines will, depending on their design, generate between 250 PSI and 6500 PSI. This designation means pounds per square inch and is crucial when planning the job. The absence of chemicals makes the waste water from this process able to be drained into standard street or sanitary drain systems.

No chemicals are needed, in most cases, because of the mechanical action of this pressurized water. The raw force is accentuated by the nozzles that can be attached to the end of the wand. There are many different configurations of these. The most popular, for large areas, such as a parking lot with a lot of grime, is the power head. This oscillates, providing a continuous pressure that agitates the surface and removes grime quickly.

Other nozzles, available, will help sweep roofs and walkways because of their delicate nature. These range from a steady stream to a fan that can be formed through an entire 180 degree of arc. These are helpful when the work involves careful cleaning of roofs, statuary or other things that can be damaged by a more powerful burst.

When selecting this very important part of the cleaning system, the crew will make the decision based not only on the surface to be cleaned and the nature of the contamination, but also on the surrounding elements. This means the presence of cars, pets or plantings that may be affected. Cleaning in a green way means looking at everything that can be impacted.

It is interesting to note that a professional crew, trained and experienced in cleaning this way, do not have to be confined to the outside. This type of chemical free cleaning has been used, to great effect, inside of food processing plants as well as chemical manufacturing lines. Since the best sanitizer is still plenty of fresh, cold water, this is a perfect system to use for these areas. Cross contamination is not a problem with this type of cleaning.

There are many high technology firms in the North Carolina area and this cleaning is perfect for the vast majority of them. The products, produced here, need the back up of the most environmentally friendly cleaning available. This process, when undertaken by the professionals who do this every day, will help preserve the world class status of these firms and make conditions better for everyone involved.

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