Saturday, May 2, 2015

How Organizations Carry Out Diaspora Support Services For Kenyans

By Alta Alexander

Business owners have their unique characteristics. They are able to grow their business from one small shop to large ones with several branches. Many people admire business owners but they do not know that there are certain things that make a business profitable. Some governments have come up with plans to help people who want to establish their first business. In the end, business help, grow the economy by creating employment. They have dedicated Diaspora Support Services for Kenyans to help those in other country set up firms in their mother country.

Over the years, some organization and government have come up with ways to help descendants in channel their fund to the country of origin for investment purposes. Some of the organizations are private; others funded not forgetting the government. Some of these organizations work alone while others have gone into partnership. Below are some of the ways they help entrepreneurs living in other countries.

The best way to succeed in business is to have a mentor guide you. The mentor should have experience in the field and be willing to help. This is what the organizations and the government do. The offer mentorship to those who feel they need help in starting a business. For diaspora members, they should take advantage of the opportunity.

To promote the members who are interested in setting up businesses, they offer networking platforms. Networking is communication within a group. The potential entrepreneurs are invited to meeting where they interact and exchange ideas with professional, leaders, and citizens. Such groups offer insight on how people succeed in life. Different members give their own account of how they conduct business with an aim of encouraging those who have not started to do so.

To encourage diaspora members to invest in their homeland, concerned bodies have set free training workshop for them. Training gives one confidence to try something new. Training will help members have the knowledge of how people operate their business. Besides training, they are advised on the most profitable ventures in the country.

To start a business you need equipment, labor, and land or business space among other things. Tall these things require you to spend your money even before you make any sales. Availability of funds will boost the growth of your business. Private and public institutions have partnered with the government to offer funds to those who need them. Their interest rates are low making them the most preferred source of funds.

The other form of funding is receiving funds from angel investors. These companies provide seed capital to those who have businesses in most vibrant sectors of the economy. Once you sign a contract with them, they release funds to you and guide you as your business grows. They prefer you repay them after the business makes substantial profit.

These organizations work to help improve the lives of those who live in other countries. By doing so, they improve the lives of people and portray a good picture of their home country. They create job opportunities, foster economic growth, and create relationships that last for long.

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