Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Facts On How Much Is My Patent Worth

By Kenya England

Appraising a patent is not an easy task. The details are complex and the process is very expensive. Consultants and attorneys are required to make the process a success. However, they ought to be experts in dealing with such matters and they need also to have technical knowledge. Valuations teams are not always similar. They are determined by the case details. Understanding the matter is crucial. Below are details on how much is my patent worth.

Patents should be in force before the application process. Going ahead blindly without first determining that can end up giving you disappointing results. Before detailed evaluations are started, it is important for the valuator to ensure the invention is warranted. The fees for maintenance of the discovery need to be up-to-date too. The creation context is of importance. If the circumstances are jumbled up you can even be sued for damages caused.

You need to have supporting documentation for the process to proceed smoothly. They include business plans, financial statements, marketing strategies and appraisals done independently. In addition, the application form must be presented. In the event that the invention had been subject to litigation process, this information has to be disclosed. Licensing agreements have to be presented too. In case there had been adverts or promotional materials related to the inventory, such documents are mandatory.

Choose the valuation team wisely. Remember these are the people you are entrusting with your invention so they must be highly knowledgeable on such matters. The necessary knowledge includes valuation skills, technological background and good knowledge on monopolies. The attorney hired should proof that he or she has handled such cases before successfully and the valuator should be good at economic matters related to patents.

There is no other way of understanding the innovation document better other than reading it comprehensively. If the valuator has time constraints, the patent attorney can inform her or him about the document contents. The things to be aware of include discovery title, its serial number, originator names and if need be, the assignee name should be included. It is the claims section which has details on the discovery.

The outline on how the invention will be protected is very vital. The claims in this document are similar to those in property ownership. The citations are very important. It is the author who should consent the discussions. If the related inventions had involved litigation for them to be approved, then the details of the lawsuits should be reviewed to determine the chances that the patent will be infringed or declared invalid.

You should ensure that the innovation you are presenting is valid to avoid time wastage and also wastage of resources. If the person applying for the innovation is not the author then the discovery cannot hold its ground in court. Also, having tried to sell it before nullifies the application process.

As much as the discovery may be super, the application process cannot be successful if it interferes with the lives of other people. Determining such things in advance can save you a lot.

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