Tuesday, September 8, 2015

How To Run Your Medical Practice Setup

By Kenya England

When starting a business, you will be faced with numerous challenges. Things will be even more difficult if you have never operated any other business in the past. There are important aspects on medical practice setup that you should if you intend to start one. We will explore a few of them here.

Proper planning is required for any type of business to succeed. At the back of your mind, you should have an idea about the size of your enterprise, its location and the anticipated number of clients to be seen per day. You need to also think about how you will staff the facility and how each of them will be remunerated. If you have lots of resources then think big but if you have limitations, start from the ground and build slowly.

In a number of countries only licensed medical practitioners are allowed to set up health facilities. In others, persons that are not in the field may be allowed to. Make sure you are conversant with what applies in your case. This will help avoid undue closure of your business once you start operating for flouting set rules and regulations. After the initial licensing, you will be required to renew your license annually.

You need to establish a reliable source of capital for the enterprise. The most readily available is of course your own personal savings but this may not be adequate for the kind of venture you wish to undertake. If this is the case, you may need to approach a bank or another financial institution for assistance. The main downside of banks is that in some cases the interest rates are quite high.

Partners may be very helpful if you have no prior experience in running such an enterprise. Such a partner may be a colleague, a friend or an equity investor. The benefits here are two fold; pooling of resources and consulting on various issues relating to the running of the enterprise. You should agree on the shareholding well before you start operating to avoid unnecessary disagreements in future.

Insurance is a requirement whether you are just starting or have been in operation for a while. Ensure that you take comprehensive cover that will take care of accidents such as theft of property, floods and fires. Indemnity cover is necessary to shield you against possible losses arising from litigation. Compare several companies before settling down on the most affordable among what is available.

The idea of starting any enterprise is to make a profit. You must ensure that you remain in business otherwise there is no point operating. Have periodic audits, say quarterly, to determine whether or not your business is profitable. There is every likelihood that the initial couple of months will have very little return on investment if any. Strive to make every month better than the previous by streamlining your operations.

Medical ethics has that enterprises should not advertise their medical services openly to the public. This is a major challenge for upcoming business that would want to make their presence known. To deal with this you will have to retain as many of your clients as possible by offering the best service. Apart from increasing loyalty for patients with subsequent visit, this is also likely to increase the number of referrals to your facility.

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