Thursday, September 17, 2015

Most Reliable Condenser Tube Plugs

By Kenya England

As a means of regaining stability of a chiller or a heat exchanger, plugs are put in place to remove leaky tubes out of action. This follows the rule that is a it will need to be re-tubed after eleven percent of the tubes have been put in place.All the condenser tube plugs must be plugged at both ends.

In any case spillage occurs in the tube, cooling water is drawn into the condenser into the condensate.The level of this impurity relies the measure of the coolant in surplus and the nature of the coolant. The framework structure and heater water treatment is chosen with the goals of minimizing harm on the condenser tubes.Fittings are hence needed to keep away from further harm and build creation productivity. These incorporate Ex-3 Expanding fitting, Fiber plugs, High certainty attachments, Pin plug, Tube sheet attachment and Ex-F growing attachment.

The ex-three plug has been tested to withstand a variety of pressures, temperature and vibration conditions of up to one hundred and fifty pounds per square inch. It features a large outer washer that allows the tubes to fit with the sheet and not allow the plug to be pulled into the vacuum unit. It is available in brass, bronze, stainless steel and titanium. It is also easy to quickly install and manage and has an over-sized washer allowing this plug to be placed with the sheet and not be sucked into the tubes by unit vacuum.

For permanent plugging of condenser tubes and sheet holes, the one piece of tapered design of the Type 1 pin Plug is machined to match specific tubes sizes. The one-piece design is a snap to install using a mallet. And can be welded into place. For this type of plug, Special materials and sizes can be custom manufactured. This type of tube provides an easy solution to permanent plugging for tubes or tube sheet holes.

Fiber plug can be installed for emergency or temporary plugging to the heat exchanger tubes and the condenser. They are able to increase in size when wet to completely cover the tubes. It does not cause damage to the tube sheets and can be used at high temperatures of 230 Fahrenheit and pressures of up to four hundred psi. It requires only a mallet for easy and quick installation and can therefore be machined to fit specific tubes sizes.

The high confidence type of plugs are suitable to be used when leaking tubes have to be plugged off the heat exchangers so that they can be utilized. High confidence plugs features include re-usability, durability and innovative gripping and sealing design.

The sheet plug provides an exceptional full-length seal at high temperatures and isolates sheet holes from the system, allowing continued use of the unit without major overhaul. The two piece design is a snap to install using a mallet and can even be welded into place. It is available in bronze, titanium and steel.

The extending attachment finishes the rundown. It has a two-activity outline which settles on it the best decision for particular applications where plug spillage may be of need. Its unmistakable components incorporate double activity fixing and grasping outline and simplicity of establishment.

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