Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Challenge of Adult Personal Development

By Eric Scott

The Martial Arts Perspective

I have an amazing job. I teach full-time, and get to use karate and self-defense as a conveyance for personal development for adults and youngsters. The children get it that they're supposed to be learning full-time, and their parents invest in them. The parents are rather more of a challenge when faced with their own personal development. On occasion adults would prefer to sacrifice than put aside the time for their own development plan. Some adults think it's greedy - that learning and personal development is a luxury.

Lifelong Learning

Learning isn't a luxurious excess , but it's a past-time; however , learning is the sole activity that offers a return on the investment of time and money. We're the majority of the way through 2015. My students hear it from me one or more times every month. Next year will be the same as this year, apart from these three things - the people you have met, the books you've read, and the things you're better at. Human connections, knowledge, and skills.

Starting an Israeli Krav Maga self-defense programme is empowering but might not be for everyone, but the plan must include something that is challenging and time-bound. One difficulty is the sorts of goals we will be able to set and enjoy don't seem heroic. But the truth is that if we're not growing a little, we are dying a little.

A Basic Development Plan:

I do not get preachy with adults, but when I get questions, I share an example of what I do every month:

Read one book per month on an engaging topic

Make a short list of work and private skills I would like to work on, and do it. Not moving mountains, small things. could be a great resource for this. I learned video modifying, which is superb for personal and business. There is a boom in learning opportunities for anything you'd wish to learn - including my online Krav Maga programs.

Put the phone down and strike up an interesting conversation with someone at the cafe once every week, and spend 20 minutes finding out about what she does. It's the most simple place in the world to have a real conversation, without needing to "network. " (Yuck)

The months roll by and I I never have time I want. Neither will you. It's gratifying to know I am making a tiny bit of progress at a time, which is by accident also the key to progress in self-defense skills.

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