Friday, September 25, 2015

Theme Work Present In True Love Books

By Della Monroe

Many fans of non-fiction and fiction alike have a difficult time taking romance novels seriously. They dismiss these creations as fluff and something not worth reading. It is a fact, however, that the authors of true love books put just as much effort into writing these stories as authors of other literary genres. To give their creations as much validity and dimension as possible, romance authors employ tactics like utilizing various themes and historic facts in their novels. These additions help attract a wider fan base to these works.

To be considered a valid part of this genre, of course the story must have a central romantic theme. The tale may center on two people finding love with each other or overcoming difficulties of the past to learn trust with one another. The couples at the center of the tale may be compatible from the beginning. They likewise might have a contentious and angry relationship with each other until the end when romance triumphs.

However, more than the underlying romance, the novels touch on other themes that make the story as compelling as possible to readers. For example, those works that are set in medieval times might focus on a theme of women gaining equality with men and being treated as worthy of respect and notice. The heroine might match wits with her male counterpart throughout the book.

Other works of romantic literature take place in frontier days of America's settling. The author might include references to historic figures like Billy the Kid or Wyatt Earp to give the story more intrigue. It also shows that the writer knows what he or she is talking about to the reader. This angle hooks readers to the story from start to finish.

Some people may wonder why authors of these tales bother to include these ideas into their works rather than just focusing on the romantic aspect. Authors generally say that they want to give their characters dimension and make them more memorable to readers. Adding other themes to the story helps achieve that goal.

This effort is intended as well to give their creations legitimacy so that they can be viewed as something more than just a dime store romance novel. Romantic stories in fact have a legitimate place in the literary world, according to many critics who have the objectivity to judge the writing fairly. The novels help round out the literary industry that is known to many today.

Because of the effort that authors put into creating the ideal book, the genre has garnered a wider fan base. These novels are no longer reserved just for housewives and bored stay-at-home moms. College students, working professionals, and even college professors have been known to read these books.

True love in a novel may seem like a flimsy idea to people who consider themselves purveyors of fine literature. However, as many critics are coming to understand, the stories in the genre are now becoming more dimensional and featuring more complicated theme work. The fan base for these books also continues to grow each day.

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