Tuesday, October 20, 2015

End Your Pursuit Of Happiness

By Evan Sanders

End your pursuit of happiness.


Honestly, happiness isn't something that just arrives at our front doorstep whenever we want it to. Happiness truly depends on the actions we take day after day.

I will say it again. End your pursuit of happiness.

Perhaps Hollywood, magazines, talk shows etc. would not like this idea that much because it would cut down on viewership if people actually followed through with this concept, but I'm going to say it again. End your pursuit of happiness.

So instead of being in this constant pursuit of happiness, come to find that a real sense of fulfillment and achievement in this world comes from going after our dreams and taking daily actions towards achieving them.

I'm not suggesting that happiness isn't a critical aspect in each of our lives - it would absolutely be ignorant to claim such a thing. What I'm proposing is that perhaps there's a different path we can take that will guide us to more happiness all throughout our life. Maybe we should be focusing more on the development of our mind, body, and soul every single day in little increments to guarantee that we are continually growing and evolving in positive ways? This is going to be a particularly different path to take rather than constantly seeking something that we will never really grasp onto.

If we are continually growing, we feel that we are making progress in our lives and are therefore ok with how things are going. Nevertheless, aimlessly searching for an emotion that cannot be gripped onto like every other emotion we experience seems a bit hopeless in the first place. There has to be another way of doing things which will help us become more successful in life ultimately.

So give it a shot. Dive into the land of development and focus on growth instead of happiness.

Happiness is deeply connected to personal growth.

Food for thought.

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