Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Little Known Masonic Regalia And Its Color Meanings

By Mattie Knight

Royals are exquisite. You know that very well. And, it has not become a secret on earth. Their majestic influence grew widespread over the millennium. Although they began traditionally form historical events, they remained still as trendsetters of our society, especially those under their jurisdiction.

However, the amazing part there is that whatever they start with when it comes to things they use have meanings. And, their clothing is one of them. You see, what they wear always becomes unique because of astounding meanings that come along with it. A masonic regalia is one of its examples. Despite of its styles and hues, each has its own meaning. Discover more about them in as follows.

White. This symbolizes purity. It can also be linked with innocence. Also, this comes along with white lily or fallen snow. The way they wore it has also been influenced with how other cultures considered this of the blemish free persona of a higher being, God. Just as what Daniel once said in the bible that he saw God as an old person dressed in white, other good things labeled in white.

Blue. This has usually been considered as a color for tranquility due to the blue tint of calm waters surrounding us including the ocean and more. Aside from that, it has also been known as simple symbolism of immortality, prudence and eternity. So, clothing with such would signify the depths of diplomacy like the royals embodied with their deep love for their homeland.

Purple. Too many tints were introduced and named due to the distinction of hues seen by our naked eyes, but there is no other color which was picked to represent royalty except purple. This grew as a representation of wealth among the royal families. Aside from that, the same in terms of royalty is emphasized with the robes that priests use for Lent and Advent.

Scarlet. In simpler terms, this is what we call, red. There may be many interpretations of this, but what prevailed is it became the symbol for fire. The concept of its symbolization became intensified and interpreted as a power ingredient of deep passion, selflessness and devotion, which perfectly defines the basic characteristics of love.

Green. It has been beyond our reach that this tint stayed within our boundaries. This became the main color that has enveloped the earth, making it full of life. Thus, this became one of the main source why people tend to consider this as a symbol for life. And, some like ancient Egyptians even regarded it as the one intended to give hope to people.

Black. Many hated this. It is because of the common generalization that this color symbolizes death, sorrow and darkness. However, to our little knowledge, there is more to black than just that. It also means elegance. Such began when prominent families chose to use as emphasis on formality, depicting more elegance than any other hues.

Therefore, these are a few colors majestic families to emphasize their identity. Each hue makes them standout from the rest, making others know they are gracefully unique individuals which are important in the society. Now, it is time for you to share this information to the world. Start now.

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