Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Importance Of Everyday Heroes

By Evan Sanders

Despite thinking that you may have time, you really don't have that much left.

It's amazing just how quickly things can change in this life. One minute you are on top and the next minute you are laying on the ground flat on your back because you had the rug ripped out from underneath you. But isn't this the way life always works? Completely unexpected?

We aren't as much defined by our successes than by how we reacted to our failures. We are defined by the decision to get up no matter what happened to us. While that decision may not be easy, especially if failure continues to happen over and over again, it is probably the most important decision we could ever make. Unfortunately, for some, that decision to get back up after they have fallen cannot be made because the pain is too unbearable.

What's the reason why?

Unfortunately, it's because fear overwhelms their entire life and starts to eat at them on the inside. The Black Dog of fear nips at their hands and heels and the more they start running, the more it begins to chase them. What these people who get out of the game of life don't understand is that they have to run right back into their fears instead of running from them. Most people never actually figure this out.

But for the brave and courageous, you have to get back up. You have to know your reasons why you are doing what you are doing because life will constantly knock you back down. Do it for yourself. Do it for your family. Do it for the world.

We are in need of people who can take a stand for their dreams and goals despite failing over and over again. These people will serve as an inspiration for those who may have pulled off of the road of life. These individuals also shine as a great light in the darkness that shrouds the lives of many who travel through this rough and tough world.

So what do you say?

Live your dream.

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