Friday, October 9, 2015

With Every Level There's A New Devil

By Evan Sanders

There's an huge challenge that faces dreamers.

The thing that makes dreamers and goal seekers so unique is their ability to see the extraordinary in the ordinary and what is possible for themselves and the world. The concept of living a mediocre life is just about as good as death for them and they feel the deep desire inside of them to go against the grain. Time and time again they travel upstream against the massive forces of society to see something that only exists in their mind.

Dreamers are faced with an incredible difficult decision to make: follow the crowd or decide to lead everyone on a path towards something greater.

Every single time a dreamer comes into the world with a grand vision for what is possible there are massive forces working against that same vision. The people in our world do not like to change and would rather follow what feels comfortable instead of living up to their maximum potential.

But the elemental question still applies for people that are steaming ahead to create a grand future for everyone else, "Do I continue on regardless of the feedback or do I conform with the mass majority?"

In truth, these dreamers can only realistically make one decision.

If you would like to do something that hasn't ever been done you've got to leave the pack on your own and try things that have never been tried. In spite of any doubt that may exist in your mind, you have to move forward. Move forward with spirit and a deep sense of grit. When it is all cleared up, if the tide of life is on your side, you'll end up changing the world in one way or another.

Naturally as they start to shake some trees criticism will come.

Despite all of this, continue to move forward and love creating for others. To give up on your dreams for the sake of being safe is not living a life at all.

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