Sunday, November 22, 2015

Getting To Learn About Soul Conversations

By Marci Nielsen

Every person living upon the planet enjoys talking to one another and this is really great. There are so many people who like having soul conversations with one another on every level. This type of gossip comes in many forms since religious people believe that they are discussing the spirit within their body. People of color feel that it is referring to rhythm and blues music or the latest things happening on black television.

When religious individuals meet with one another they are always concerned about the evilness which goes on within this world. Christian parents will often tell their children that the Devil will get them if they misbehave and their spirit will go to Hell once their life is over. At times these parents may try to save their offspring lives by sending them to Bible School or a camp which teaches them about Jesus.

A female Georgia resident would always sign her girls up for a Bible Study organization which took place during the warm months of the year. These teens would learn how to draw and create projects that focused on religion and faith. During the daylight hours the group would walk over to a local church and have a prayer meeting before eating their breakfast. Everyone within the group really enjoyed these outings.

It is no secret that many of them were afraid to die and they wanted to live for all eternity upon this planet. In reality this group knew that God was a mystical being who could not correspond with human beings on a daily basis. These young ladies also tried to organize a religious group adventure for the adults in their lives.

A group of older women who live in Florida will usually meet every week in order to discuss their fears about passing away. They try to prepare each other for death since the grim reaper is always lurking around every corner. Many of the ladies who belong to this group had already lost their husbands and this was very sad. They had agreed to meet with one another throughout the entire year.

On Sunday afternoons one reverend at a local church takes the time to meet with other holy men who want to discuss issues regarding the human spirit. Unfortunately many of them have seen so many young people fall victim to drugs and other tragedies within the world. These men try to become mentors to this group of youngsters.

On the other hand many black people in certain communities will have these discussions while they are watching television shows like "Good Times" or "Roc." The audience members will critique the style and fashion of the actors who are appearing onscreen. At other times black people will listen to music and have conversations about the things that are happening around the black community.

In America many people are having these conversations because of the recent shootings and beatings which are happening to young black men and women. After a young black girl was dragged from her desk by a white police officer many human beings are getting into heated debates over this incident.

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