Sunday, November 8, 2015

Need For Diaspora Support Services For Kenyans Everywhere

By Mattie Knight

The Diaspora community has made some great contribution in present international politics. This has been in a long time. They have become very important tools in political arenas of these individual countries. Apart from this contribution, this group also has some contribution in the economies of their birth countries. The remittances they offer cannot be under estimated. Since this is an important group, there is need for establishment of diaspora support services for Kenyans living and working elsewhere.

For many reasons, this group of immigrants has become more and more prominent in the world. The advancement in technology of communication has even made it easier for them to mobilize. There have also been changes in policies that govern receipt of these individuals of different ethnicities.

Everyone can attest to the increased growth of resources that results from these kinds of migrations. Most of the world countries have even made it easier by making political changes. Almost all countries have shifted form the past ineffective communism to form democracies. Democracy comes with increased freedom. There are developments in other political areas like foreign affairs, international migration and economic development. Such new areas are favorable for the Diasporas.

The Kenyan economy has really grown because of the contribution of this small group of people. While in the foreign lands, these people tend to gain a lot of prominence and more achievements in their professions. They work with a lot of dedication for success. As they work, they will never forget their home countries. They fully maintain spiritual, cultural and emotional achievements with their homelands. They will constantly seek to have linkages with others. This tends to boost their levels of esteem.

Being a member of diaspora mainly entails consciousness and emotional attachment to the claimed origin. Such an origin may involve language, religion, region among other features. The concerns that these persons raise concerning development in their homeland is mainly linked to this kind of emotional attachment and consciousness.

If one of the members of the migrants has some legal issues, he is expected to seek some help from professional groups that are specialized in this work. They are the only people who can give relevant support. They will be ready to help you tackle all the legal issues affecting you. You will enjoy your stay in individual countries without colliding with legal authorities. It is important that you know where these individual are based.

Nowadays, these individuals have been greatly favored by the much advancement in technology. Some of them have already teamed up to form some transactional groups. In these groups, there is preservation of identity and political position. Particularly, these people have come to enjoy the cheap transport, calls, television and internet connection. They will easily maintain the individual networks. Members are also willing to give assistance to the colleagues who are in problems.

Members should remember to operate with legal organizations. In these countries, there are other groups that have mainly specialized in capitalizing presence of illegal immigrants. They want to find them and have them deported to their individual countries. They end up exploiting the poor individuals instead of according them the necessary assistance. For such reasons, you should be very careful of the choices you will make in the foreign country. It is wise to ask for their documents as prove that they are competent.

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