Tuesday, November 3, 2015

That Little Devil Within

By Evan Sanders

I hear you little devil within.

Oh that little devil can you make yourself known? Can you show yourself for what you truly are? I know you're there because you try time and time again to ruin my thoughts. You attempt to break me with your awful intentions and challenge me every single day when the lights cut out.

I won't fight any longer. I'm going to embrace you.

Does this confuse you? Does this make you weep at the thought of the grip you once had that exists no longer? You held onto me so strong and so tight due to my disability to see that the battle increased your strength. Like quicksand I sunk the more that I moved. But like I claimed before, I embrace the darkness now.

A lot has changed in my life.

I now understand that in darkness there can be light. I do not fear you showing up because I understand what I can do with you. I know that if I let you pass through my filter of joy that I can create something beautiful with all of the things you are trying to make me shake with. No, I will not fight you anymore. Instead, I'm going to embrace you warmly.

You did some serious damage to me in my old life. But now, I have taken control of who I am. I've taken control of how I'm going to respond to all of your ridiculous questioning, demands, and negativity. You owned me from time to time, but now it's time for me to show compassion towards you.

You should be proud of your run. You should be proud of all that you did to me. You had your day, but now this day is mine.

This is the beginning of something new for you and me. So let's go for a walk because I would like to hear your perspective. Let me hear you roar and quietly respond to you. You're not used to that are you? Of course not. Oh you little devil inside, I have changed so much. No more foolishness. No more fear of you.

So let's go for a walk. I would like to hear what you have to say.

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