Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Enemy Of Our Dreams

By Evan Sanders

"The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt." Sylvia Plath

When we start to question ourselves, our entire world starts to fall apart. That's a pretty powerful statement, but if we truly dive into the after effects of what happens when doubt crawls into our lives, it really does occur.

If we go further with this analogy, it's this same fear and doubt that will eventually be our complete downfall when we enter into the playing field with significant amounts of competition and against people who are more cutthroat.

You see, dreams demand everything from you. They demand your complete attention, work ethic, eagerness, integrity, and willingness to sacrifice a good deal to achieve them. But when you start doubting your dream and what you're doing in life, you aren't giving it your all.

If you ever really listen to someone talking about their dreams who truly believes in themselves, you get this body sense that's hard to explain. You know that despite the fact that they don't have it all figured out, they will somehow achieve it.

But when you listen to someone who is talking about their passions, and you get a sense that they are slightly on edge about it all, you can be pretty sure that they will never achieve what they set out to do. It's not that you are rooting against them, but it's that you know dreams take everything and giving it less than that, well, it just won't work out in any way.

So pour yourself into what you love and let doubt disappear from your mind. Others may say it's not practicable, but the impossible has been achieved many many times all throughout human history.

Just do it. Give it a shot.

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