Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Hidden Costs Of The Hustle

By Evan Sanders

The dream is free.

However, the hustle, is going to cost you a hell of a lot more.

When you're on the path to doing your best work life seems to get very simple. You work insanely hard, go to bed, and awaken to work hard all over again. Monday through Friday are the norm for most except for entrepreneurs and those who are attempting to create something amazing. For the hustlers, Saturday's and Sunday's exist as another 2 days of opportunity to get ahead.

This is the grind.

The grind is going to take everything you've got.

Dreams shape and mold you into the person you need to be to accomplish them. In order to accomplish this you have to step your game up and do things you've never done. You have to stretch yourself, smash through boundaries, and invest in yourself.

You also have to be willing to listen to the whispers deep inside of yourself and tune out the negativity that people bring to the table.

Throughout your journey, people are going to tell you what you need to do with your life and how you should live it. That's fine. Listen to them. But in the end, make sure you trust yourself and you follow the vision for where you are headed. If you constantly get sidetracked by what other people tell you to do and lose your way because of opinions, in truth you really don't deserve to accomplish your vision. You must stay focused on what you are doing at all costs.

I'll say it again, welcome to the grind.

Embrace the hustle. Embrace the pain. Embrace the challenges and failures that come along with everything that will arrive when you are on your journey. These are not things that should discourage you but things that should "encourage" you. If you are willing to continue down your path no matter the struggle you truly deserve to see it all happen.

Invest in the hustle, it will never let you down.

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