Friday, November 20, 2015

The Importance And Three Design Options Of Lobby Signs For Business

By Brenda Warner

The performance of any investment is dependent on the branding and marketing used. A well-calculated marketing strategy attracts many clients to a business premise more than its location does. With this in mind, business owners go for dazzling, creative and quality lobby signs for business that do not only welcome their clients, but also help the clients to build trust and interest in the services or goods they offer.

When clients come to your business premise, they will first look around to see whether there is anything that could entice them. For instance, a creatively designed sign selling the vision of your enterprise can impress and make them be your regular customers. Furthermore, such a sign influences them to seek more information regarding what you offer.

There are different types of lobby signs, and each type is suitable for a particular enterprise. While some entrepreneurs will choose sign types such as dimensional logo panels and wall standoffs, others will go for free-hand graphics or raised letters. Do not assume that all is over once you have chosen a particular sign type. You will also need to ensure it is creatively designed, customized, printed and installed to make a visual impact on your premises.

Choosing an appropriate sign made of poor quality materials will not fly your enterprise a mile. The materials that make the sign whether stainless steel, copper, bronze, aluminum, acrylic or foam determine whether the design and graphics on it will be catchy enough. However, it is also important to ensure that your sign has been designed properly for effectiveness, and there are three different ways of ensuring this.

To start with, light dim corridors and corners where the sign is not fully visible, to ensure that it is not shadowed. Dramatic lighting will ensure that the colors, textures and other details of your enterprise on the sign are easily visible and legible to anyone passing by. Whether the lighting is back light, pin light, front light or even a glow from behind, the lighting products you choose should create indisputable effects.

Blending colors in a professional manner is the next thing that will make the sign look stunning. You should not use colors that will not reinforce of the identity of the brand of your enterprise. If the sign calls for a blue-red tinge, it is inappropriate to replace it with an orange-red because this would show the inconsistency that most prospective clients would associate with confusion.

Mixed textures also play a pivotal role in giving the sign an outstanding design. Go ahead and use stones and marble in the same sign because they will give it both smooth and coarse texture that most clients find quite captivating and neat. Stainless steel is known to give the sign a contemporary texture while slate and brick make the surface of the sign rustic.

A sign will not increase the productivity of your enterprise without creative graphics and artistic design. How well the sign interprets the brand and vision of your enterprise determines how fast the clients identify with the goods or services it offers. Any sign that satisfies the above three design aspects easily directs new clients to your office even if they are located upstairs.

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