Monday, December 28, 2015

Creating Adults With Intellectual Disabilities App

By Karen Anderson

No matter what you are or where you came from, if you know a particular person who gets to struggle on communicating with others or doing stuff like what we normally do, you would somehow feel sorry for them. Although they still have the chance to cope with their disability, but we are here to see to it that they are not any less than us because we do our best for making it equal as much as possible.

Today, as we do not really know how much percentage are there who gets to experience such matter, it would be of great help to disseminate the struggle and the coping procedure to those who need such. In Portsmouth, VA you could begin the quest to creating a mobile app for making people understand more about adults with intellectual disabilities.

Remember that each person has his own way of communicating with the other, but in this instance you need to specify the detail why such act would do better for those adults with difficulty in talking with others. The user must really get to comprehend the importance and factor that makes it such a huge impact to those adults.

Understand that talking is not the only way to express your feelings or share your ideas to a person. There are instances that those kids of adults are not that good enough to talking to somebody even if they know that person very well. In order to minimize their burns and the way that others would converse with them, include in that app the means and other methods for convenient reasons.

Study the disability. There is no such other means of relating to your customers aside from studying and learning it. Read some blogs, or approach some medical centers to get you better rounded about it. People might get a wrong impression of one particular matter, but the best way to getting to its root is by knowing it fully.

Lots of doctors or related professionals are best to guiding those patients and giving them the comfort to lessen their burden. Basically, not everyone who has to experience it will also feel that they can confide their feelings and concerns to anyone. In which case they can actually use the flexibility of your app to providing their names and contact details of those professionals they can talk to.

Having a group you can trust for building such application for those who need it is actually a good thing. But take note that even if you are the leader of your trip, you should not treat them under your will because you all are doing the job to make the project possible so there is no need to not hear their opinions or listen to their suggestions.

Discuss with every member the interface to equip the app with. Make sure that it is easy to use and that no one gets to be stuck in the middle of tutorials, lessons because not everyone has the time to listen and consider on clacking it. Make it as interactive as possible too and be sure that you put some user environment tips for clients.

Inform as many friends as you could and even relatives about the launching date of that app. If they cannot find someone they know who needs it, well then at least they could recommend it in case there are random stranger going to ask them on such matter. And that alone is a huge step top advertising it for free.

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