Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A Look At Adults With Intellectual Disabilities

By Carl Cox

It is not easy coping with certain challenges in your life. Adults with intellectual disabilities will know all about this because it is something that they have been struggling with since childhood. However, that is not to say that there are still adjustments to be made into their adult lives. Fortunately, there are folk to help with this.

Of course, one needs to make sure that these adults are given the opportunity to make their own choices and given some independence. In the past many people were just sent to a home where they were taken care of someone. This meant that they always had to rely on someone else which really took away their independence.

Socializing with others is also important at this time because one can very easily become isolated and withdrawn when you move out on your own. Many people like this can't drive and may find it overwhelming catching buses and trains. They have to be trained with this. They also have to know about joining clubs and organizations because this is where you will meet others.

It is especially important that people are geared towards making friends with others as they start to age. You may see people sitting in a home without anyone to talk to, and this is just going to make them feel depressed. There are also homes available where one can have more privacy. However, you do also have the choice to join in with others if that is a choice.

A psychologist in Portsmouth, VA will help someone get on their feet and get into a good routine. They also need to check up on them every so often. A career counselor is the right person to help find the right sort of job for the person based on their strengths and weaknesses. Of course, they should also be looking at what they enjoy doing.

A lot of folk don't have much hope for those who are born with intellectual disabilities. However, they can really surprise many folk out there. Of course, some of these disabilities are minimal and can be cured with regular medication or some psychotherapy. However, a lot of teenagers end up going to a community college should they be motivated in that direction.

There are many people with intellectual disabilities taking part in the Olympics. This is something that can be developed into a big hobby. There are also more competitive sports and hobbies around which can also improve cognitive skills. A lot of people do swimming or play team sports like baseball. This is great because it is a nice way of getting to know others.

There are online opportunities in Portsmouth, VA available as well which one can find out about. This makes it easy for one to send their resume in. There are creative jobs where you are able to freelance. Of course, this will not be for everyone, but it means that you can set your own schedule and work at your own pace should be accepted in the company.

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