Wednesday, January 13, 2016

All About True Love Tests

By Marie Gibson

Throughout time, people have been very fascinated with predicting the future especially their future lovers. Now because of the internet, there have been a lot of these true love tests that would show people whether or not they will find a lover or if their current lover is the one already. Even though these have only gained immense popularity these days, romantic predictions have been going around for the longest time already.

Now the ones that one would usually see in the internet like the crush calculators or the romance calculators stem up from prediction methods that were used in the past. In the past, there we mystics and fortune tellers that often tried to predict the romantic life of a person. This was often done for the royal families whenever they wanted to choose a partner for their son or daughter.

Now this practice was widely practiced is China and goes under the name of Chinese astrology which made use of the Chinese calendar. In fact, this tradition has been carried on up until today and used as a prediction medium. If one would go over to the other side of the world like Europe, he will see that fortune tellers were also very rampant there.

Over time, this kind of prediction practice became extremely popular and became available not only to the royal and the rich. In carnivals and fairs, there would often be a gypsy inside a tent that would predict the future of people who would come in and pay the gypsy. Most of the people who come in asking for a reading would usually ask about whether they would find love or meet their life partners soon.

There were so many methods that these mystics or gypsies used, however, two of the methods were the most popular. The first is palm reading where in a mystic would be reading the palm lines in order for one to know how many partners he will have and when will he have his last. Another would be tarot card reading which is a little more complex but said to be more accurate.

Now through these prediction readings, many people started to dabble in predictions about the romantic life of a person. One very popular prediction game that a lot of kids played in the past would be the very popular game known as Flames. In this game, one would predict whether his crush likes him or not by making use of the letters in both names.

Now because of these games, then many more started to pop out because of the internet. Many love quizzes were created in order to predict the romance life of a person who is using the application. This has become something most people do just to pass time.

Whether or not these tests are actually true, they are fun. The romantic life of a person is actually the most interesting aspect for all people. It is actually something that most people look forward to knowing.

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