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Important Aspects Relating To Intimacy Therapy Bethesda Residents Need To Be Aware Of

By Raymond Green

Sex therapy is an important component of couples counseling. As a matter of fact a good number of couples seek professional help when their intimacy relationship is on the rocks or when they just want to ignite a spark in their rather ordinary relationship. In other words, visiting an expert does not always mean that you are failing. We will explore some of the important aspects of intimacy therapy Bethesda couples need to know even as they plan on having the service.

There are different types of intimacy related disorders that exist. They include performance anxiety, reduced sexual desire, premature ejaculation and failure to get satisfaction for one or both couples. In many cases, these disorders co-exist. The therapist tries to develop tailor made solution based on the specific couple and the exact problem or set of problems that they are faced with. It is important that the partners cooperate with the therapist and with each other if the prescribed solution are to work.

Intimacy therapy is a short term intervention for which between 5 and 15 sessions are required. During the first session, the therapist gets to know the couple. They interview them to understand their thoughts and perceptions on sexual relationships. It is important to investigate and rule out any medical conditions that may be interfering with sexual performance. For this reason, many therapists will send you to a medical doctor to have these disorders ruled out.

It has been established that a majority of couples that require intimacy therapy usually require sexuality education as well. A good number of them may be struggling in their sexual relationship because they do not understand their partner. The therapist will usually take time to educate such couples so that each knows what to expect from their partners. This is done by using psycho-education websites, books and other teaching aids.

It is important that sexual dysfunction be viewed as a collective responsibility affecting the couple rather than assigning the problem to one of the partners. When working as a unit, the couple is more likely to overcome the challenge than if it was to be left to only one of them. This is especially true for performance anxiety where one may feel that they are not up to the task of meeting the expectations of their partner.

Adopting effective communication techniques is taught to all couples who attend intimacy therapy sessions. A significant number of couples who attend the counseling sessions have been found to have difficulties in communication which include both the verbal and the non-verbal component. Attitude change with regard to attraction and sexual relationships may be needed in some cases.

There are a number of situations for which the main therapeutic measure is to have a modification in the lifestyle of one or both partners. Stress is one of the causes of sexual under-performance and should be avoided whenever possible. Odd and long working hours appear to feature prominently among those affected. The solution to this is making adjustments on working schedules.

Sexual dysfunction affects a significant number of couples to varying extents. Problems may affect one partners or both but is important that it be considered as a collective problem. A therapist helps to identify the underlying issues and helps guide the couple to a more fulfilling relationship.

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