Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Truth Behind True Lover Tests

By John Schmidt

Human beings are designed to interrelate with one another in different capacities throughout their life. One of the strongest emotions they feel is love for family members, relatives, friends and persons from the opposite sex. Everybody wants to find that special person to care for and spend the rest of their life with. This is the reason why people have designed many true lover tests to help them find the right spouse.

A lot of debating has been done about true love and its validity today. Some believe that it is a fallacy construed to offer people hope. Those who support its essence believe that it is the most wonderful experience that one can ever have. They encourage others to be positive and more receptive. They claim that people know when they have found the right person because they will be automatically drawn to them. The existence of divorces further supports this position.

Many of the notions and fallacies surrounding this subject are largely removed from romantic novels, movies and soap operas. These works of fiction depict the perfect romantic setting and stories that leave many women swooning. The characters are depicted as having near perfect features in all aspects. This includes physically, emotionally and socially. Larger than life works of fictions like Romeo and Juliet written by William Shakespeare have defined love for generations.

Money has long been an issue of great discussions concerning whether it should be a factor to consider while looking for a life partner. Some argue that money should not be a significant factor while others say it is quite relevant given the times we currently live in. Poor men are seen as romantic but are not stable in life. Rich men have the confidence and resources to take care of their family.

Due to these notions, people find that having a love test to figure out why the person they are dating is with them is reassuring. Many have a checklist of things they want in a spouse. This puts a lot of pressure on many relationships especially because statistics have shown that about forty-six percent of such relationships fail. Nobody is perfect nor will they ever fully satisfy all of the attributes one is looking for in a spouse.

There is rampant unfaithfulness and promiscuity currently in the world. Because of these, many tests have been formulated to help people discern good characters from selfish ones. This can help eliminate unscrupulous characters.

There are some tests designed to diagnose problems that occur in relationships and marriages. Sometimes, couples need a little help to figure out what is wrong and get help together. These diagnostic tests assess issues like trust, conflict resolution, security and sexual compatibility. They are helpful in pinpointing areas in the relationship that are danger zones in a bid to prevent future blowouts.

Many software programs offer love tests. Some are legitimate while others are marketing schemes used to attract the attention of surfers. These are very easy to create and use information from couples to help analyze their relationship.

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