Monday, January 11, 2016

Transforming Christ Faith Evangelical Church

By Sharon White

God has sent a special messenger to the people of Homa Bay for almost a decade now. This is through Christ Faith Evangelical Church that is now under Pastor David Oloo. After years of existence, it is transforming into Good Shepherd House of Worship, a name that featured prominently during the foundation phase of this place of worship.

The current church is constructed on Asego Hills in Homa Bay, a city in the western region of Kenya. The entire piece of land is estimated to be 50ft by 100ft. The dream of constructing the chapel was made a reality through the support of a well wisher and church member from America. He was thankful to God for blessing his business and thus dedicated his profits to the completion of this building. The structure has been instrumental in transforming the lives of people in the area.

The current chapel was completed in 2011 and has a capacity of more than 600 people. It provides a perfect place for the locals to meet Christ in their afflictions. With the support of well wishers, God has found a dwelling place in Homa Bay.

The idea of building a church was to provide a decent place of worship for the faithful. The Lord did not reveal that name during the foundation phase. It has taken five years to the shepherds to realize the name that suits the place best. The new name is Good Shepherd House of Worship. The people worshiping in the church have received the name positively and are positive about what the Lord is doing in their lives.

The ministry is currently under the direction of Pastor David Oloo. He is the son of Bishop Nashon, the founder of this evangelical ministry. The bishop has also worked as a mentor and teacher to Pastor David. He worked under the bishop, rising to become a Senior Pastor. He has dedicated his youth to the ministry and is doing an incredible job.

The church runs an orphanage that has been providing shelter and care to children. These are children whose parents have succumbed to the deadly AIDS scourge. Their extended families are so poverty stricken that adding an extra member will be too heavy a burden for them to bear. The pastor and fellow shepherds have therefore taken it upon themselves to provide for the children.

At the beginning, the orphanage was a small family whose needs were easy to meet. The children have grown and require more than food to eat, cloths and a place to sleep. Those in vocational training centers require facilitation to guarantee a better future. The pastor and other shepherds within this ministry are overstretched.

It is at The Homa Bay Orphans Life Resurrection Center that a lot of people have found a place to call home and be hopeful. The center also offers spiritual nourishment to the children and the neighboring community. It is from the support of well wishers that this has been made possible. This ministry has also been engaging in outreach programs aimed at delivering the message of God to neighboring villages through crusades. Everyone has a part to play in ensuring that the people of this place have the best experience with God.

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