Thursday, January 14, 2016

Who Is Pastor David Oloo?

By Janet Moore

Every generation receives a servant of God who is meant to fulfill His will and deliver His message. Pastor David Oloo is the servant who God has called for the people of Homa Bay. He is young and guided by the second greatest commandment as recorded in the scripture which is the love of your neighbor as you love yourself.

David obeyed the call from the Lord and by working hard, he established an orphanage gradually between 2005 and 2008. The aim of the orphanage was to take in children whose parents had succumbed to HIV/AIDS. He took guidance from his father, Bishop Nashon when he began working with a group of fifteen orphans. Over time, a growing number of orphans in the area has made it inevitable to expand the home.

The ministry has strained over time since the needs of children under his care have been growing. Older children within the home require more than shelter, clothing and food. The community requires the home to admit more children. His last resort at the moment is to appeal to well wishers to support his work so that no child seeking his assistance will be turned away empty handed or those already under his care go hungry.

A lot of support is needed to provide basic needs for a family of 25 that is growing fast. Many people have committed their resources and continue support the projects at home. The burden of caring for orphans weighs down on the families that take them in, considering that some of these families are already poverty stricken. Taking in more family members only serves to burden them further.

Pastor David dedicated his youth to taking in these orphans and offering them food, shelter and clothing. This is what God has called him to do. He relies on the support of well wishers to accomplish the goal of loving his neighbors as he loves himself. He has served for many years as a senior pastor at Christ Faith Evangelical Church. Through his leadership, this ministry has achieved a lot. It is in the process of transforming in order to serve a growing congregation in need of God better.

Christ Faith Evangelical Church has taken a new route to enhance its effectiveness in delivering the gospel. It has transformed into Good Shepherd House of Worship. The aim of this transformation is to provide a holy place for worshipers to encounter God instead of sticking with the conservative idea of a church. The shift is inspired by the change in name when Saul became Paul in order to deliver the message of God better.

Kenya is a land that boosts of incredible religious and ethnic diversity. The population is kindhearted and hopeful and has an incredibly beautiful landscape to match their hearts. The issues that weigh the people of Homa-Bay down are sickness and abject poverty. It is upon Pastor Oloo, with the support of well wishers to lift the gloom that has befallen these people. Children are at the heart of his ministry.

Donor funds received by the ministry in the past have been administered in a very transparent manner. The projects initiated by this servant of God have been beneficial to numerous children. Donors who found time to visit the place were very impressed by his progress. It is only through well wishers that children in Homa-Bay have come to see the God in their daily life.

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