Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Can Intuitive Readings Victoria BC Help Your Business?

By Frances Ross

The stereotypical question skeptics always ask is whether or not psychics can tell you the upcoming lottery numbers. As almost all psychics will tell you, they don't get information like that otherwise you'd see a lot more psychics as lottery winners. However, just because they can't tell you the upcoming lottery numbers it doesn't mean that they can't help you with financial and business decisions. In fact, Intuitive Readings Victoria BC can be a very valuable resource for making business decisions.

There are many levels on which a psychic can help your business. Firstly, psychics can do a reading for you to determine if the current line of business you're in aligns with your true self. There is no sense working hard towards making a business work, when it's not in alignment with who you truly are and what you truly want. This type of situation happens very often, such as in the case when people take over an existing business from their parents or just happen to fall into a line of business they didn't really intend to end up in long term.

They explore how and when this pattern started and why it remains a pattern throughout their life. This pattern may look a bit different each time so clients don't always recognize it for what is truly is. It's a journey of looking inward with my guidance and knowledge to help support a person gently, thus the work can be done without feeling alone or afraid.

Sometimes the nature of your business isn't a problem, but rather it's a problem of not being aligned with financial abundance. This is especially true for "light workers". Many light workers carry energy of financial lack - often times purely based on limiting beliefs learned in this lifetime, but sometimes based on poverty vows made in previous lifetimes.

Validation -I always know I've given a great psychic reading when my client says, "I knew that." Yes. The answers lie within. A good psychic reader will show you possibilities, but she will also affirm your gut instincts-ones that perhaps you have chosen to ignore. Entrepreneurs are visionaries, but they sometimes resist jumping ahead. A reading will give you that needed a nudge into success. In addition, the reading gives you greater confidence, affirming your own intuition for your business's success.

Healing takes many forms and readings are just one of the tools that can facilitate healing allowing one to move into a healthier life. When beginning the journey of letting go of emotional patterns that keep us trapped, find most clients fear letting go as they have become accustomed to these patterns and how they feel.

A psychic reading helps entrepreneurs get out of their heads. Entrepreneurs have terrific minds, but they can get caught up in mental ping pong between ideas and options for weeks at a time. This results in delay. Indecision creates unhappiness and costs money. Get a psychic reading so that you can be clear about what your purpose is, and so you know the quickest way into it. A psychic reading elucidates your priorities. With a psychic reading, you can move forward with confidence and power.

As the business world becomes more complex and it becomes increasingly difficult to make decisions purely on logic and facts, more and more people will rely on "intuition" as a way to make business decisions. Utilizing the services of a psychic to do a reading related to your business can help you verify your own intuitive gut feelings about upcoming business decisions, and to help you make partnership, client or even hiring decisions.

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