Monday, June 19, 2017

4 Ways To Alleviate One's Fear Of Pets

By Robin Setser

To say that pets are beloved would be an understatement, but not everyone feels the same way about them. After all, there are many people that are nothing short of fearful of cats, dogs, and other creatures that can be found in the home. With that said, it's surprisingly easy to reduce this level of fear so that people can warm up to pets more. The following 4 steps should be taken as early as possible.

One of the ways to alleviate fear of pets, according to companies like Assisi Animal Health, is to understand their behavior. Look at dogs, for example, which behave in certain ways. If a dog's hair is quickly wagging back and forth, this is a show of happiness, meaning that they're pleased to see their owner or meet new people. As you'll come to learn, reading a pet's behavior isn't as tough as you might think.

For new parents, it's important to expose your children to pets as early as possible. More often than not, boys and girls that grow up with these animals are more likely to warm up to other animals they see. However, as a parent, you should make sure that you hold your child and ease them into the process. Allow them to pet the heads of their pets - gently, of course - so that bonds can be created early on.

Parents should also know that teaching via adult pets is most effective. Not only are these animals full-grown, but their personalities have developed in ways that they're more mature than puppies and kittens. If a child is fearful of meeting pets, adult animals tend to alleviate their concerns more effectively. Full-grown pets are known for being good with children, which is what parents should keep in mind early on.

Lastly, when it comes to reducing fear of pets, a mutual understanding of vital. Did you know that animals, in many cases, are just as afraid of humans, as humans are of animals? While this might not be able to alleviate one's sense of fear altogether, it's a nugget of knowledge that should be able to offer comfort all the same. Anyone that's even a little hesitant about approaching pets should keep this in mind.

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