Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Drug Assessment Minneapolis Minnesota May Be Another Dirty Trick

By Richard Gibson

Anyone doubting that law enforcement is at war with the people needs to wake up. The American War on Drugs was never intended to solve anything. It is simply a tool to criminalize average people from the moment blue lights come on behind them, to the moment they are faced with the reality of a drug assessment Minneapolis Minnesota.

If anyone has been forced to sit through impersonal drug and alcohol classes for a DUI, then they are aware that in the eyes of the State, ANY drug or alcohol use is abuse. There was a time when a prescription could keep one in good stead with the law. However, with the widespread prescribing of opiate drugs speeding toward the black market, even a person holding a legitimate prescription can be harassed the same as any addict.

Fibromyalgia patients line up with the heroine addicts at the methadone clinic, but it may not be long before the State takes their kids, pulls their license, or simply harasses them with a DUI charge. Once charged with any drug related matter, even at the level of misdemeanor, the courts will require assessments to be done, at the expense of the accused. The assessors decide they have a problem more than 95% of the time.

Once a problem has been established, whether real or imagined, the accused is required to pursue whatever treatment plan is proposed. Again, this is done largely at their own expense, separate from any fine or probationary fee. It is not uncommon for these assessments to demand a person report themselves to a treatment center for up to two years.

Such centers room four to six adults together while also enforcing employment with companies close by who agreed to hire them in exchange for tax breaks or cheap labor. The center controls the money they make to cover all fees/fines are paid while also keeping a share of money for the center itself. The accused may spend six months to two years before they are released, often still on abusively long periods of probation.

Treatment has basically orchestrated a program to evict groups or neighborhoods that get profiled economically. People living check to check will nearly always lose everything due to their arrest, especially when they cannot get bonded out before losing the job they had. When they have nothing left to go back for after treatment, the program has achieved the goal.

Hard addicts should have access to this level of care so they can practice sobriety by relocating as a means to radically change their life and pursue personal commitments. Unfortunately, the majority of those being subjected to these programs are weekend warrior pot smokers, New Years drunk drivers, and elderly or middle-aged people on prescription opiates. They get caught in a web of laws designed to promote the a system feeding on those most vulnerable.

It is not difficult to identify these communities where this is happening. There are suddenly four or more police departments in the small district, and the officers literally hunt down anyone driving a car that is more than 10 years old. They then proceed to search basically every vehicle, and clearly aim to make some form of an arrest at every stop if they can possibly get away with it.

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