Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Traits Of Sheryl Sandberg

By Jennifer King

Success is attained by people who work hard and focus on their goals. This has enabled most leaders to reach their influential positions. Nevertheless, for a woman to reach to one of these leadership positions, she has to go through a set of challenges and will be required to work harder than the male counterparts. For instance, sheryl sandberg is among the successful women holding a big position in an influential corporate. She advocates for women leadership and her advice and attributes are outlined below.

Following her path and counsel, engaging other people in developing an idea to a concrete project is necessary. Team work is vital in realizing the goals that one has in life, and thus women should learn to cooperate with different individuals to gain influence and become leaders. This way, each person can contribute what they are strong in and help in developing the ideas to great heights.

One has to be ready for criticism. Getting to the top in the current structures takes a lot of hard work and disappointments. Great women manage to overcome these struggles, but they also face criticism for asking women to lean on their careers. Despite the critics, one has to be ready to keep the head level and find solutions to such. One has to accept that not everybody will agree with their stand towards something and therefore not to give much attention to critics.

Other than critics, there are other challenges that one has to face. Biases against women start from family level, and ladies must have a firm position against such. Educating the young women and incorporating them in various capacities can aid in improving the ratio. As a young female, one must be aware of the challenges that are ahead and thus be industrious to realize the goals that they have set.

Find a group of common thinkers and associate with them. Joining people who have a common agenda with your vision will enable you to run your life easier. These people will use their influence to your advantage when you are in need. Thus keeping good relations with them is a clever way that will aid in airing your voice. Sandburg has joined various groups where she can source people to give speeches in her seminars.

Being courageous and speaking up. Sandburg has never been afraid to talk about her stand on women leadership. This has generated a worldwide audience that has shared these ideas and implemented them to better their lives. As such, one has to go against all the odds and speak out what you think can add value to the society.

Work towards an idea and develop it to become a successful project. It takes efforts and courage to develop an idea. Thus, do not let a dream go to waste due to fear of criticism or financial strains. When you start it, support will come from other who will be touched by the project. Sheryl has dedicated her time and efforts to improve the livelihoods of fellow women.

Have an open mind towards various opportunities. Having this in mind, you will have a greater chance of attaining a bigger position in life. The limits that academic qualifications close us in should not apply when we are seeking jobs or applying for various opportunities. Despite the duration that Sandberg learned in, she ended up in internet based corporate.

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