Thursday, August 10, 2017

How To Make A Christianity Blog

By Margaret Baker

Everyday, millions of Christians spend days of worshipping the Lord and trying to discover how the Bible can work in their lives. Of course, this is something that is easier done with a group or a community. This is why it is important for a church, or even an ordinary individual, to create a Christianity blog in order to reach out to more people.

One would surely ask himself or herself how to make blogs to reach out to more Christians. There are essentially three things that one should take note of. These three things are website creation, content creation, and of course, marketing.

The very first thing to do would be to create the website. Now, in order to create the website, start by looking for a good blog website platform that can be used for blogging. Wordpress seems to be one of the most popular among people as it is also the easiest one to use.

Now, there are two ways on how one can go about with his or her blog creation. He or she can have a free blog wherein he or she will still carry the name of his or her blogging platform in his or her blog URL. If he or she wants to have his or her own domain name, then he or she can pay for a domain name and also the costs of web hosting in order to have his or her own website.

Once all of the technical stuff has been finished, the next thing to do would be to design the website. The design of the website will all depend on the creativity and preference of the owner. Wordpress also comes with customizable templates that the owner can use.

After that is the content creation, which is a very important part of maintaining blogs. Now, good content is what will keep the people coming back for more which is why good content is key. One must know what to post and must pick good topics that other fellow Christians will find interesting.

If one wants to become more relevant in Google search, then SEO techniques must be applied. Certain techniques like backlinking, keyword curation, and inputting metadata must be done on the content. These techniques are known to make website pop up more frequently on search engines.

After all of those things are done, then the last step would be to market the website. Social media is a good way to market a website, especially a Christian website. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or even Twitter are good for spreading blogs.

These are some of the things to take note of for those who want to create Christian blogs. Always remember to know the target market in order to know what content to create. This is the secret to making blogs and websites very popular among the viewers on the internet.

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