Tuesday, August 8, 2017

How To Take Advantage Of A Brittney Reese Mental Coach

By Rebecca Smith

Some people may be under the impression that you have to be crazy in order to see a mental coach. However, it does not work like this. A mental coach is so much more than this. In fact, this is someone who works very differently to your average therapist. They are not there to treat anxiety or depression. They are merely there to help the athlete improve on their mental approach to the game. A Brittney Reese mental coach can help you improve on many different aspects in your game.

A coach like this will usually begin by looking at the strengths and weaknesses of the individual. This is a way in seeing how they can improve and what they need to work on.

What one has to remember that this type of coaching is not for someone who needs therapy for depression or anxiety. It is not the same as going to a therapist. Sport psychology is different in this way. It is more of a way in which you are able to reach peak performance and this will include the determination and commitment that it takes to reach goals.

There are people who believe that you are born to have more confidence. They may think that you simply know that you are going to win. However, this is something that can be taught. Even the most confident person can go through times when they are challenged in one way or another. They will go through a series of games where they be losing. They will be out of form.

Of course, this doesn't do much for their self confidence. Professional athletes are always in the media. They will read up about themselves and see negative reports.This leads to despondency. They may be fully fit, but because their state of mind is not one hundred percent developed, they will really suffer.

A mental coach will help the individual achieve goals by setting out a plan. Usually it is very practical. They may work with images. They will use thought processes which work best for them. A coach will work on encouraging them during this time. Motivation is extremely important.

You also have to be confident with the coach that you are working with. There are many people that you can select from. Often, you will be working very closely with a person like this. It is therefore, essential that you get on with them. You need to be able to connect with them. This will ensure that you build up a solid, trusting relationship. They obviously need to be fully qualified and experienced to do a job like this.

It can sometimes be difficult to prepare for this tough of mental toughness on your own. It is not something that you can really prepare for because you don't know who your opponent is going to be. Competition is something that is going to cause you to become most stressed. When you practice on your own, you will not find this, because you don't have anyone watching you, and you don't have opponents charging you down or who are ready to pounce on your. It is times like these when the pressure is on. A mental coach will help you prepare for these times.

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