Saturday, November 30, 2013

How Weird National Holidays Are Invented

By Susan Dawson

It is a fact that people all over the world love celebrating. There are many fun days that are celebrated all over the world. Some of them are celebrated at a state level, and others are celebrated worldwide for example, Christmas and new year. There are also weird national holidays that are celebrated across the world. Some are unique for every country, and others are not. Most people are eager to join in the celebrations for such days for the fun of it and to get a rest from day to day activities.

The strange celebrations include day of the sea, Korean alphabet days, punctuation day, Bermuda day, state rain day, picnic day, melon day, and weather person day, among others. The unofficial days are not traditionally marked on calendars. These days can be celebrated worldwide, nationally, by groups or even by individuals.

It is possible for a person to form their own day that is strange among the people; it just has to be a legal celebration. To make a day formal in an area, a person should approach the body in the government that offers authorization for the formation of these celebrations. Another body that can be approached is the United Nations; they can offer assistance that is within their scope. The application should be in accordance to the laws.

Before deciding to make the application the applicant should make sure that they are not alone with the idea. They need to get as much support they can either from friends and family who share the same views. People can easily gain followers for this crusade using the internet because many people can be found on social media.

Alternatively, an interested person can create a holiday by way of a petition. Petitions can be gathered personally. The petitions can also be done by e-mail forwards. Petition is one of the most effective ways for an individual or organization to get support from other people.

People can start commemorating a day by making a simple act of starting it by their own. People can start celebrating and over time keep having anniversaries. It is advisable to record the events of the day for remembrance. By record, a group can be able to share the events and get support from other people. A person should be very clear to other people about the importance of the day.

People have their own reasons of creating these strange celebrations and should be respected. The most important reason being an anniversary of a certain significant factor in the lives of many. Some those are not official capture events that have been ignored. Another reason of having these commemoration days is for the intention of having a good time.

The world has many weird national holidays. These days can be seen in some calendars and through the internet. A person may not even be aware of all the celebrations because of the different cultures around the world. However strange they may be other people can always join in the celebration.

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