Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Invaluable Service Of A Substance Abuse Counselor

By Harriett Crosby

Dealing with substance abuse is never easy. This feat requires steadfast determination, genuine desire and professional help. Counseling is an essential part to any program that helps individuals who have become dependent to controlled drugs, alcohol and the likes. A substance abuse counselor Pasadena is vital to the success of such programs. More than understanding the client's needs, there are several other considerations that the professional must take into account.

Although the detoxification process efficiently eliminates the substances out from a patient's body, this is not enough. Since physical dependence is but one of the many facets of addiction, relapse is still a risk. Psychological, social and emotional factors must also be addressed. These are powerful stimuli that imperils the patients to regressing.

The counselors will guide the patients in this arduous journey. It is not easy to walk away from the lifestyle one is used to. Too many times, the role of a counselor spans beyond helping a patient turn their back from substance abuse. They can also offer counsels pertaining to one's marriage, family or professional life. As all aspects in a person's life are interconnected, the counselor needs to cover every facet.

Moreover, the professional delves deeper into the issue. They try to understand what propelled the patient into addiction. This is vital in designing a program. Unless the counselor understands why the patient did it, he may not find out how to convince the latter otherwise. At times, this may take fixing old problems, ironing out a severed relationship or dealing with a past trauma.

Counseling sessions provide constant support to the patients when they need this the most. Aside from friends and family members, a professional, who understands what the patient is going through, is indispensable. With the efforts the patients have to go through, it is easy to get frustrated and break down. A sincere help can easily be misinterpreted as an unwelcome intrusion.

Ultimately, the professionals help the patient recover. Aside from developing a program to convince one to quit, the counselors also educate their clients. They help one understand why he should quite addiction and never go back. They introduce coping mechanisms, communication skills, relapse prevention, problem-solving skills and stress management.

The counselor is also responsible in dealing with the family members. It is crucial to keep a healthy relationship with one's family in this difficult time. This can help in the recovery process. A person can recover much easily when he realizes he is not alone. The professional sees to it that the family members do their part.

The counselors also have valuable connection to other professionals whose expertise are indispensable. Having been working in this field, they are pretty much familiar with available community resources that are helpful to their clients. This includes medical and psychiatric care, financial assistance, housing assistance, child care and vocational training to name a few.

Given the profound responsibilities of a substance abuse counselor Pasadena, it only makes sense that its practice is streamlined by the state. Each region has its own rules for qualifying an individual aspiring to become a counselor. Stringent rules and procedures are in place before official recognition is given to anyone interested. This is the only way to upkeep quality service and maintain high standards.

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