Wednesday, February 26, 2014

You Can Manifest Your Dreams And Hopes

By Jeremy Prudy

Haven't we all asked ourselves, "If there is a God, or Angels, then why do not they respond when I request help? Why don't they reply? I believe that they do respond. The issue is we expect to hear or see a response through our physical eyes and ears when we've had no training. We live on earth, a place where things are in contrast. If you are white, I am black.

What you and I can't realize, because we are aligned in the physical, is there's a bigger non-physical universe. We can merely imagine. Our quantum physicists share that our DNA, (which I was educated to believe was the script for the way we appear and how our body reacts physically,) contains encoding which 5% or much less relates to our physical body and the other 95% deals with our religious (non-physical) portion of us.

Ask for anything today. We want to acquire whatever we want instantly. The issue comes in when we feel that we're just requesting something simple, yet there's actually a bigger reason for what is happening in our lives. What if what appears to be our loss, whether it's an occupation, a mate or the demise of someone we love dearly, is in fact a positive? What if the challenges we are going through today will bring about better things? Or let us know our strengths? Or give us an opportunity to aid other people? What if we lose individuals who are very important to us since they have already served their purpose in this earth?

What if there's still much to find out and what we know is simply part of the entire truth? And what if we are going to find out that we actually have control over our lives. Nonetheless, it's The One who really understands. We merely live in the space he has designated to us. So whenever you request anything, do it for the betterment of the persons involved.

Soon after you reveal your intentions to a Supreme Being whether it is God, Angels, or whoever you praise, it is time to do something about your requests. The lack of physical action, despite all your intentions, will not take you anyplace. Requesting without following through is totally pointless. The most sensible thing you could do is behave like you're already anticipating something to arrive. It's important to leave the couch, switch off the television, and move, even while enabling the Universe to guide you.

The next step is to express today what you desire like it has already occurred while believing in every pore that what you long for is yours. You should then visualize a flawless picture. Continue to be optimistic because staying negative will lead to unfavorable events. Believe that you have succeeded when you go for your dreams. Don't forget to feel the thrill of each and every moment.

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