Thursday, March 27, 2014

Ego Ecig Is The Best Way To Enjoy Smoking

By Camille Nicholson

The advanced ego ecig is considered to be the most popular electronic cigarette available on the market today. Individuals that make use of these products refer to it as "vaping", and these specific products have numerous features that add to their popularity. The most noteworthy features are that their battery lasts exceptionally long, it has a variety of atomizers, different cartomizers as well as tank atomizers that all attach to these electronic cigarettes.

Any body that decides to try out these devices can purchase comprehensive starter kits. Starter kits offer all the fundamentals that one will need to start using an e-cigarette. Moreover, the provided manual is easy to understand and shows how to fill, clean and generally use the items.

A single push of a button activates it and gives the user control over the amount of vapor. The device also has an activation light, which will show that the battery is in use. Drip tips direct the dripping over the atomizers giving further vapor control. All these aspects work to create the large amounts of vapor that is emitted which makes this specific product so well liked.

Users are able to get between 750 and 800 puffs per day, which will satisfy even those heavy smokers. Safety features include a lock which prevents the battery from being inadvertently being activated and in turn protects the atomizer from being burnt out. By rapidly pushing the button 5 times it locks and unlocks the device.

Because it uses larger cartridges it has the capacity to hold a lot more e-liquid, therefore needing to be refilled less often. Users are also able to choose from numerous types of atomizer and cartomizers products. These electronic cigarettes work on quite a simple but very effective principal and consist of 3 components.

Firstly on one end it has a battery, which works to power these cigarettes and are fully rechargeable. They are also offered in several varied lengths and colors. On the other end one will find the cartridge that holds the nicotine fluid which is inhaled by the user. People that use these cigarettes have the choice of a variety of nicotine strengths and flavors depending on their unique tastes.

Atomizers are strategically placed in the middle and have an all in one atomizer with a miniscule microprocessor. On inhalation the microprocessor senses the air flow which in turn energizes the atomizers. This activates the process of heating the air to recreate real cigarette smoke and temperature.

On inhalation, a red LED is also simultaneously activated, adding to the appearance of it being a real cigarette. Furthermore, the products are the exact size of normal tobacco cigarettes. The fortified e cigarette gives 550 puffs per unit, which approximates to 2 packets or about 36 cigarettes. They have no tar or ash, tobacco smells, bad "ashtray" breath and secondhand smoke therefore it can be used safely anywhere, and it tastes great.

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