Saturday, March 29, 2014

Safety Inside An Elevator Service Bend

By Linda Cantrell

Today, there are a lot of tall infrastructures rising up. From malls, hotels, business buildings, condominiums, apartments and many more. People who live in these tall buildings could not afford to just use the staircases. Of course, you surely can not imagine living on the 20th floor and going up and down daily bringing loads of things by just using the stairs. One of the most used machine in these buildings is the elevator.

Elevator service bend is what people rely on when in need of a transportation from one floor to another. People use this especially when they are carrying heavy loads, in a hurry or just too tired to use the staircase. There are times that this machine malfunctions. Even the building management can not assure that the elevator is 100 percent working all the time. These are instances that something might have gone wrong. Here are some tips that you can refer on in times like this happens.

Keep yourself calm. Never panic because this just empties your mind. You sure will not be able to concentrate on doing the right thing. Stay positive by thinking that there really is someone working on the matter.

Take a deep breathe and relax yourself inside. You may sit down and think of something else. Relaxing you body and mind will help you think positively while in the middle of the incident.

Elevator break downs often causes total black out inside the elevator. Immediately look for your cell phone or anything that can produce light while you are inside. You need to make sure that all emergency gadgets like phones and handy flash lights are fully charged. This is very useful especially when you ride a lift on a daily basis.

Since you are riding the machine on a regular basis, you must be familiar as to where the emergency button is. Make sure to press that button the moment the machine stopped functioning. It is a way for you to be able to notify the management that something is wrong with the elevator and that someone is stuck inside. Do it every after 10 to 15 minutes to make sure that people outside will really notice you and the state of the elevator. It might take a few minutes for a technician to fix it.

Try to open the door using your hands. Their are instances that the only problem is the door opening. Their are also times when it just got stuck on something. Once opened, try to check if it is possible for you to get out safely or if the elevator is on a safe floor. If not, then opening it is of no use. But that does not mean that your efforts just got wasted. Once opened you can shout to the peak of your voice and cry for help. You can only do this if you have successfully opened the door.

Having a little something to eat is also good. You do not know how long you will be staying inside so better be safe by having a piece of sandwich or a pouch of biscuit. You might be hungry while inside and if you can not eat, you might collapse.

Making sure that you have all the things needed during this instances. You never know when it will happen. You better be ready all the time.

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