Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Be A Game Warden

By Bill Duggen

If you are a game warden your duty is to protect the nature against human. As a game warden it is your duty to conserve the habitat of the countless species.

You have to work outside of your home

As a junior warden you are not able to choose your posting place. In some case the job is relaxing also. As a warden you are compelled to work in an adverse condition.

Know about your duties

As a game warden at first you have to enforce the boating, hunting and fishing laws. You are obliged to work all over the recreational area like rivers, lakes, mountains, beaches, and deserts.

Know about the requirements to be a game warden

Specific state requires specific skills for becoming the game warden, but more or less the thing rules are similar. Without some exception like Texas most of the state requires the applicants to be at least 21 for this job. Having a graduate degree in a relevant subject is a plus point for you in all states. You can complete your graduation on Biology, Wildlife Management, or Criminal Justice to get benefit.

You should be adopted with the outdoor

The men who are doing well in this field has a strong background on wildlife. It is also important to have an addiction to nature. As a game warden you should know how to operate the terrain vehicles. Sometimes you are compelled to remain outside for several days.

You should have a good knowledge of local laws and regulations

You should have an excellent knowledge of wildlife laws of your state before applying as a game warden. This knowledge will support you to pass test taken by the academy.

Know the time of registration

In a year the apply window is open once or two times in most of the states. Get update to know the apply time of your state and complete your apply process before the deadline.

Take some physical training

Before starting your training for a game warding job, you are compelled to pass the physical test. Different states have different requirements of this test. We can say the name of sit-ups, timed push-ups, and mile runs etc as physical test. Passing a swimming test is also needed in some state.

You must need an academic training

It is must for you to complete a training under an academy. You need about (7-8) months to complete the training.

Go for your cadetship

When the academy will give you graduation degree, you will be placed under a senior officer in training. The training will continue for 6 months. Now you are ready for launching at your specific working zone.

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