Friday, May 30, 2014

Benefits Derived From Fiberglass Pools

By Marci Glover

Summer time is just around the corner. As early as today, people are starting to feel the summer heat. They crank up the air conditioning, eat frozen and cold treats. They rush to beaches and other bodies of water. The more fortunate ones who own fiberglass pools in their residences just go to their backyards and dip, or for more summer fun, hold a pool party.

A swimming pool is a container that is filled with water. It is mainly used for swimming and for other water based activities that provide enjoyment. Pools can be accessible for everyone, and can also be exclusive to a select few. They come in varying sizes according to the amount of space intended for it. The largest one is the Olympic size which, yes you got that right, used in Olympic competitions.

During the olden times, the earliest ones were used as public baths. The earliest recorded one was found in Pakistan. The people have dug up a part of the soil and lined all sides with bricks that are glued up by tar. They were also used for nautical and military training in ancient Greece and Rome.

The predecessor of the present models people use today started out in Britain in the mid nineteenth century. They were made to ensure safety while swimming. Before the utilization of said amenities, many Britons drowned to death by swimming in a particular river. This river was pretty dangerous due to its strong currents which is why the local government closed it off from the public.

They also come in different kinds. Public ones are generally the largest aside from that used for competition. Anyone can come and use them in exchange for a fixed fee. Private types are typically found in clubhouses and are on a for members only basis.

Children or kiddie kinds most often do not exceed four feet. They are meant for use by children who might drown in a very deep one meant for adults. Exercise pools feature a raging current where people can practice swimming in lieu of seas, rivers, and oceans.

There are also those that are connected to salty bodies of water. They are known as ocean pools and provide for a private setting for its users. Those that look limitless are termed as infinity because they seem to stretch to the ends of the world.

Pools are also categorized according to the materials used. Concrete ones are the most common classification. They do not have standardized sizes and can be as deep and as wide as you want them to be. This makes it the favorite practice areas for dive enthusiasts.

The latest ones are from fiberglass manufacturers. They are made ahead, following a unique design made by the owner himself. Once the pool is assembled, it is installed in a previously dug part of the earth. In no more than three days, you can have your own pool ready and just in time for a pool party.

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