Thursday, June 26, 2014

Golden Tips On How To Initiate Bed Bug Dog Detection Services

By Ina Hunt

Bedbugs basically feed on blood. Therefore, as long as the residential home has individuals and animals where the parasites can source blood from, they may invade heavily irrespective of whether the environment is clean or not. Having them in your house is a big trouble. It requires the help of bed bug dog handlers to spot the parasites before seeking bedbug exterminators.

Bloodstains in sheets and couches may be spotted in households infested with the pests. People who purchase used furniture from stores should ensure that they examine the items closely in order to ensure they do not transfer the parasites to their homes. They may be residing in the cabinets or sofas. Though small, bedbugs are potentially daunting to human existence.

It is only after some time that one may notice an itchy spot emanating from the bites. What follows next is traumatizing. One may sight blood stains in sheets and pillowcases. Unless bugs are ousted immediately, homeowners may suffer psychologically and physically by having them around premises. These bugs are both harmful to the skin and awful at sight.

The presence of miniature crevices, cracks and wall joint openings offers them hiding places. Their bodies are flattened in such a manner that penetrating these small holes is quite easy. However, when an in-depth examination is conducted, such parasites can be expelled from the house. There are myriads ways of eradicating these parasites.

If one cannot precisely trace the origin of the odors, trained sniffer dogs may be used. Past studies indicate that canines are perfect scent detectors. They can be able to sniff over several miles with high accuracy. Dogs are able to sniff the presence of the bug eggs as well as their exact location.

Consulting a company that offers pest removal services is important but a proper inspection has to be conducted before exterminating them. All that a trained canine requires is food and proper training as well as professional handling. Cabinets, closets, windows, sheets, carpet and mattresses are potential bug hiding zones. With a trained canine, the entire hide out areas can be screened effectively.

Another merit of using dogs to spot bugs is that they are reliable. They are quicker and accurate when unearthing parasites. Institutions, hotels, residential homes, government agencies as well as other commercial places should consider using sniffer dogs. Past researches have shown that dogs are astute parasite detectors. They have high precision rates for scenting smell. They are able to locate living bugs as well as their eggs.

One last thing about a trained canine is that it is able to check vividly and screen all the probable areas where the bedbugs might be located. From the cabinets, closets, walls, windows, mattresses, to the carpets, all areas can be inspected by the trained dogs. All that is required is to feed and train the canine in order to make it fit for conducting the investigations.

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  1. Informative post!! Found it really great. Was very unhappy with bed bugs in my kitchen so hired a known pests control service. They used heat treatment for bed bugs which turned out very effective and safe as my house is now free from bugs.