Thursday, July 31, 2014

Durable Ceramic Based Coating Cerakote In Virginia For Your Firearm

By Annabelle Holman

Cerakote is a ceramic based coating that will adhere to metals, plastics, fiberglass, polymers, and wood such as gun stocks; the coating and hardener chemically bond to form a very thin coating that can be applied to most surfaces. It is a unique finish that greatly improves several physical properties of your gun coating, including abrasion or wear resistance, corrosion and chemical resistance, as well as impact strength and hardness. It offers durability and will help protect your gun from any kind of weather condition, scratching or chipping.

These superior firearm coatings can be applied to your custom refinishing project. Look for a certified applicator for cerakote in Virginia, who is able to offer services in gun coating and stock refinishing, as well as gun repairs. Compared to paint based finishes like DuraCoat, or Teflon based finishes, these ceramic based finishes provide as much as eight times the durability.

ASTM International sets a global standard for product testing that ensures quality, safety and consumer confidence. Every Cerakote product is tested according to these strict standards, which is why they continue to be the world's leading gun coatings. They beat their competitors in a lab every time, and further demonstrate their world class technology and high quality when used in real applications.

Guns can be run dry without accelerating wear, which would otherwise occur, when coated with this durable finish. It has a very thin consistency, making it ideally suited to gun repairs, and because it can be applied thinly it is great for internal or external use; firearms coated with this finish continue to be identifiable.

Ideal for many high temperature uses, Cerakote C- Series products are the best choice for gun stock refinishing. They are single component, dry and air cured systems that offer excellent resistance to solvents and other cleaning chemicals after curing. C- Series coatings are able to continually withstand temperatures of around 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, and intermittently at up to around 1800 Fahrenheit, while the hardness and abrasion resistance of these coatings improve as the temperature increases.

Cerakote H- Series gun coatings are world leading firearm finishes. These coatings are oven cured and can withstand continuous temperatures of over 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and less to 800 Fahrenheit. The H- Series is a double component system that includes a hardener, and offers very high abrasion resistance and hardness. These coatings are perfect for any application that requires a very high quality, durable finish that is highly resistant to corrosion.

Micro Slick is an internal, ceramic, air cured, dry film coating ideal for reducing friction on various internal firearm components, such as the bolt and bolt carrier. It does this by creating a lubricated surface that is permanent, thereby preventing galling and seizing of components. It reduces friction and wear between two surfaces of either similar or dissimilar materials. The Micro Slick coating becomes a part of the component, rather than a surface coating.

These quality finishes can give your gun improved resistance against mishandling and normal every day wear, while also making it look great, with many different colors available to choose from. A certified coatings applicator in Virginia is able to give your custom firearm project a superior finish with a ceramic based firearm coating product, which is the only coating able to significantly improve your firearm's performance and durability.

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