Saturday, September 13, 2014

Applications Of Spalted Maple Burl

By Kerri Stout

Trees are being cut down by numerous individuals. The logs that they get from cutting down these trees from the forests are transported to different manufacturing firms with big trucks as their means of transportation. Several products are produced through the transformation of these delivered logs that will be useful for customers and consumers for their daily lives.

Wood has commonly been a material used in making other products. Typically, they provide a calm and soothing effect when they are displayed inside the houses. One such thing is a spalted maple burl which could be transformed to a variety of other commodities. All people will certainly agree that wood is a useful thing to mankind.

These materials are typically made into table legs. Wood workers use them because of their durability. They can also be legs for coffee tables, sofa, and kitchen islands. They can also make up the columns for cabinets and interior decoration. These legs are very important for the table to be elevated where persons can easily place their items.

These materials are also used by furniture makers. Other furniture are being created by these makers such as desks, chairs, and tables, that are usually found in buildings and houses. A number of beds are also constructed from them. However, these pieces of furniture usually are heavier compared to furniture built from another material.

Using this material as a handle for a knife is one of its most common application. The slicing and chopping of food is much more comfortable for most users since they can have a firm grip on the handle. These handles are resistant to oil, water, stain, and dye that would make them suitable for those individuals who loves preparing and cooking food.

Knife blocks and chopping boards are also created out of these. The blocks are used as storage for the knives so that their edges will not be damaged. The boards are used for slicing and chopping meats and vegetables whenever an individual is cooking. Utilizing this type of board will prevent damages which are typically experienced by plastic ones.

Musical instruments are also applications where there bodies are made from the component. Spalted maple guitars are examples where beautiful effects are added when they are played. Other instruments are also available aside from guitars, like harps, flutes and various woodwind instruments.

They are also made into dishes and bowls. Makers usually use them since they have a distinct pattern that will also add an effect to the beauty of the items utilized. Since they are insulated, holding a bowl filled with hot soup will not be as hard as it is when ceramics or other materials are used. They are also used for creating chopsticks and wooden utensils.

There are also sporting equipments that are made from these. The bodies of table tennis rackets can be made from them. Baseball bats is also one thing. In the past, they are used for creating the equipments for golf, archery, and softball. The items provided are only a few of the applications of wood. However, one must not forget to plant another tree as replacement for one that is cut down so that these trees will not be scarce.

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