Thursday, September 25, 2014

What Is In Pool Main Drain Cover?

By Karina Frost

The number of injuries and deaths emanating from leisure facilities has raised the eyebrows of many. Swimming pools, due to their poor handling, rank as a major contributor to these. The role played particularly by a pool main drain cover is crucial to the wellbeing and safety of users hence the need to know about proper purchase and installation of these components.

The drains on the other hand are located at the deepest part of the pool and are responsible for driving out sunken dirt. A proper water recirculation system is necessary for functionality of any swimming pool. Without it, a large number of microorganisms can survive in these facilities, some of which may cause dangerous infections.

Besides, the water could become too smelly for anybody to dive in. Public pools, due to their heavy usage, should have more outlets in order to facilitate the recycling process. Unfortunately, the same components that promote pool hygiene are the ones, which for along time have caused injuries and deaths of many.

Ironically, the same structures that should protect lives are also the most dangerous threat to life itself. Filtering systems constructed in the past were made without consideration of the powerful nature of suction. It even took a longer time before the number of fatalities arising from such a force started raising eyebrows. In the meantime, people continued losing their limbs, getting disembowelled and drowning under unfortunate circumstances.

After an incident in 2002, which claimed the life of seven-year-old Graeme Baker, legislations were put in place to create some order in the pool industry. Standards guiding the manufacture of different installations were agreed upon. This meant that any product that did not meet the set criteria had to be replaced immediately.

Anti vortex should also be placed at the drains entries to stop air entrainments. Whenever you think your drain cover needs a replacement, ensure you acquire one from your previous manufacturer if you are retaining the frame. Two products from different producers may not be able to fit well and will actually pose a serious threat to users.

All these features assist in reducing possibility of a limb, costume, hair, or jewellery worn by a swimmer getting sucked. Whenever you want to replace a covering, ensure that the pump is off. Take note that if you are retaining the frame, it is mandatory to buy your drain top from the manufacturer who supplied you with the previous one.

If you have never gone through this however, it is safer to ask a technician to do it for you since failure to carry it out correctly may expose you and others using the swimming facility to serious risks. They will not charge much for this service as long as you identify reputable technicians. Dealing with primed manufacturers will ensure you fit coverings that are at par with the standards.

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